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Vegans on a Camping Trip

Vegan S'Mores

John and I recently went camping at Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario Canada. It was our first time camping together, first time camping as “adults” and first time camping as vegans. Luckily, we went camping with another couple who had enough gear for all four of us. Not having to think about packing sleeping bags, tents or tarps meant we could focus all of our energy on packing food. We decided to keep our cooler stocked with traditional camping eats, like s’more supplies, burgers, hot dogs, sausages and enough veggies to make some sweet kabobs.

Making s’mores over the open campfire was definitely a highlight. We made them using Dandies vegan marshmallows, dark chocolate squares and digestive biscuits. It would have been nice to use graham crackers but we couldn’t find any that were made without honey. Despite all of our substitutions, the taste of the s’mores was not compromised! We were delighted to discover the vegan marshmallows melted and toasted up just like the old fashion kind.

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Who’s going to Vida Vegan Con!?

I know I’m far from being the only person who is SUPER excited to be heading to Portland for the Vida Vegan Con. I think we’re all looking forward to meeting some of our online friends and learning from all of the talented vegan bloggers and authors on the agenda.

The conference website has a list of speakers but, as far as I know, there’s no list of people attending. So I decided to make one!

This is by no means a comprehensive list…. yet :) I’m adding people as they comment on the Vida Vegan Con Bloggers Facebook Group and this blog post. Please comment with your URL so I can add you.

  1. Vegan Backpacker / Vegan Cuts
  2. Vegan Culinary Crusad​e
  3. Novel Eats
  4. Fat Gay Vegan
  5. Seattle Veg Coach
  6. Almost Vegan Chef
  7. A Vegan Food Snob
  8. C’est La Vegan
  9. For the Love of Food
  10. Healthy Slow Cooking

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Guest Post: Vegan Road Trip USA

Road trip!

Road trip!

This guest post is by Mandi Hoffman, a vegan blogger and activist hailing from sunny Portland, Oregon. She runs, a website for ethical ladies who want to do good deeds while looking hot and feeling fabulous.

Driving across country can be fun – especially when you can have all types of food adventures on your way! My boyfriend and I recently made the long trek from Portland, OR to Charlotte, NC. Admittedly, I did not do much planning for this trip. It came as an unexpected surprise and I hardly had time to get my shoes on before embarking on the journey, let alone strategically plan every stop. As a vegan, this was a bad idea. Since our trip was a rushed one, we had to grab things to eat at whatever place was open during the time we happened to be passing through. While we ended up discovering some truly great places, we missed out on an abundance of others.

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Vegan in Montreal for a Long Weekend

Viva Vegan Shop in Montreal, QC

Viva Vegan Store in Montreal, QC

Whenever there is a long weekend, John and I try to escape Ottawa and go on a mini vacation. We did just that a few weeks ago when we hopped on a Greyhound bus and headed to Montreal for a few days. Since my last visit, which I think was almost two years ago, a few new vegan spots have popped up. My favourite new addition is the Viva Vegan Store. This place is a little slice of Canadian vegan heaven. They’re well stocked with all kinds of rare goodies (rare to us deprived Canadians), like Field Roast products and Eli’s Earth Bars.

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