I recently interviewed Kristin from the Will Travel for Vegan Food project. Learn all about this epic road trip and how you can support it by funding the Kickstarter campaign.

What’s the Will Travel for Vegan Food project all about?
The “WTF Vegan Food” project is a year-long vegan food focused road trip across the US. The plan is to eat at all of the 100% vegan restaurants in the country, as well as visit all 50 states! :)

I’ll be interviewing restaurant owners, business owners, and attending vegan meetups, as well as volunteering at farm sanctuaries and the like, all along the way.

What inspired your trip?
Nearly a year ago I started reading about unconventional living, and being able to travel while work thanks to the Internet. I had also picked up two books that were turning points for me: Crush It! Why Now Is The Time To Cash In On Your Passion and  The 4-Hour Work Week. It was like a one-two punch to the gut style, wake up call. After reading these books I was more inspired than ever to following my passions.

Passions: after becoming vegan I had fallen in love with food and I had also been bitten with the travel bug … so within a few months I was creating a plan to leave my 9-5 job and hit to road on what’s sure to be an epic adventure that combines my love of food and interest in travel. :)

Where are you planning to go?
The plan is to attempt to eat at all of the 100% vegan restaurants in the US. So I’ll be going to every state that has an all vegan restaurant. However, visiting all 50 states is on my “BID list” so I’m going to use this as an opportunity to visit every state and stop in the ones that have some good touristy or outdoorsy activities, or must-see US landmarks.

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