Indian Tandoori

Indian Tandoori, Bruges, Belgium

Oops! I skipped a stop. I got so excited to share our news from Ghent that I passed over Bruges, a famous town in Belgium known for its medieval architecture, fancy lace work and In Bruges, a movie staring Colin Farrell. We visited Bruges on a day trip from Antwerp. We were only in the city for a few hours, and spent most of our time enjoying an Indian feast with a group of new friends.

My Plate

Vegan Indian Food

There are a couple of vegetarian restaurants in Bruges but Caroline, our Couch Surfing host, insisted we eat at Indian Tandoori. She’s visited India twice but says Indian Tandoori serves the best Indian food she’s ever tasted. We love Indian food and were easily sold on the idea. Her advice did not disappoint!


Dal Makhani

Being a group of six, we each ordered a dish and shared. This allowed us to sample many curries. All of them were prepared vegan, without butter and ghee (Indian clarified butter).

Green Matar Curry

Aloo Matar

The table was filled with pots of aromatic curries. Our choices included Aloo Baingan, eggplant, potatoes flavoured and jeera, Aloo Matar, green peas, potatoes, cashews and tomatoes, Aloo Gobi, potatoes, cauliflower, ginger and coriander, Bhindi Masala, lady fingers,onions and mustard oil, Channa Masala, chickpeas, ginger, tomatoes and jeera, and Dal Makhani, lentils with ginger and garlic.

Chana Masala

Channa Masala

Every single curry was amazing. Each one was full of unique flavours and perfectly spiced beans and vegetables.

Fennel Candy

Fennel Candy

The end of our meal was marked with the delivery of a small bowl of sugar coated fennel seeds, a traditional way to finish an Indian meal and sweeten the breath.

Indian Tandoori

Indian Tandoori, Bruges, Belgium

Indian Tandoori

Indian Tandoori, Bruges, Belgium

Indian Tandoori is a beautiful restaurant with great service. They are more than willing to accommodate vegans and vegetarians so you’ll have no problems finding a delicious and authentic Indian meal if the craving strikes while in Belgium. The prices are high, about €13.00 to €14.00 Euros ($16.64-17.92 USD) per curry, and the portions aren’t all that big, but Indian Tandoori is definitely worth a little splurge.


Bruges, Belgium

After our meal, we took some time to walk around Bruges and enjoy the views. It’s a beautiful city, especially at night. If you’re in Belgium, try to visit, even if only for a day.

It’s a funny thing to find such great Indian food in Belgium. We usually try to eat local cuisine but sometimes give into old favourites. Visiting India in September is going to be a really exciting adventure for us!

Indian Tandoori
Oude Gentweg 11
8000 Brugge, België
Tel: 050 34 58 26