Buenos Aires Verde

Buenos Aires Verde

Buenos Aires Verde is an organic vegetarian restaurant and one of few places where you’ll find raw food in the city. Conveniently located just a few blocks from our apartment in Palermo Hollywood, it was only a matter of time before we strolled over for a lunch date.

We grabbed a seat outside and sighed with relief once we saw they had an English menu. We’ve had a lot of luck with this. Veg-friendly restaurants in Buenos Aires seem to be used to serving foreigners.

Bread and dip starter

Bread and Dip at Buenos Aires Verde

Our meal began with a little bread arrangement, more unique than what we’ve received at other restaurants, and some veggie dip. We were off to a great start!



I was planning to order water with my meal but got sucked in by the idea that I could get a smoothie for just a few more pesos. Who could resist the combination of chai, pear, almond milk, cocoa nibs and grated lemon rind? Not me! This was like a super healthy version of an Oreo milk shake. Not too sweet, with soft bits of cocoa nibs floating around. This delight cost $15 Argentinian pesos ($4.00 USD).

Buenos Aires Verde Menu

Buenos Aires Verde - Daily Menu

Buenos Aires Verde has the most diverse vegetarian menu we’ve seen in the city. You can choose from salads, burgers, pizza, nori rolls, crepes, pasta, risotto, polenta, soup, curry and more. When I know I’m only going to have once chance to eat at a restaurant, I tend to be more daring with my selection and resist the urge to choose something safe like a salad, sandwich or burger. I’m a big fan of raw food and like to see how different restaurants approach it. After much deliberation I decided on a raw crepe.

Raw Crepe

Raw Crepe at Buenos Aires Verde

My dish was simply described as a dehydrated seed crepe filled with raw vegetables and mushrooms. It didn’t sound very exciting but I had a little faith. It turns out I made a great choice. The crepe was super soft and savoury, unlike many of the gritty and tough raw bread I’ve tried in the past. The whole thing was doused in a sweet citrus dressing with sprouts and nut cheese scattered on top. The crepe was stuffed with cabbage, carrots, sun dried and fresh tomatoes, and marinated mushrooms. It left me feeling totally satisfied and nourished, the way raw food normally does. The crepe cost $23 pesos ($6.00 USD).

Bs As Verde Pizza

Pizza at Buenos Aires Verde

John decided on the Bs As Verde Pizza. The soft and perfectly crisp whole grain crust was piled high with the same combination of vegetables that were in my crepe. The only difference was the addition of nori sheets. John really enjoyed his pizza and keeps talking about returning for a second. The one thing I didn’t like about it was how similar it was to my crepe. We like to share plates when we eat out together and the similarities between the dishes took away from that experience. For $25 pesos ($6.50 USD), this is a great dish and could be split by two people.

Buenos Aires Verde

Buenos Aires Verde

Overall, we had a great experience at Buenos Aires Verde. The food was delicious, servers were friendly and the food arrived at a good pace. After a quick search, I found they have other fans who have written reviews. You can check out Still Life in South America’s blog to see some other examples of dishes they serve. What’s up Buenos Aires also included them in their review of organic restaurants.

Buenos Aires Verde

Buenos Aires Verde

In the back of the restaurant there is a small grocery section with organic jam, tea, spices, supplements, pasta, nori sheets, oils, wine and more.

Buenos Aires Verde Menu

Buenos Aires Verde - Regular Menu

To see all of the menu offerings, check out my flickr.

Buenos Aires Verde
Gorriti 5657
Palermo Hollywood
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Monday – Saturday 9:00 – 00:30