Pita and Hummus

Hummus and Pita Bread

The last time I had hummus I was in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It wasn’t homemade or freshly prepared. It was hummus in a jar. I only needed to try one bite to confirm my suspicion that hummus in a jar isn’t a good idea. Tahini is expensive in South America and not readily available, making fresh hummus hard to come by. In Florianópolis, we found Chårütü’s, a restaurant that serves up Indian, Arabic, Caribbean, Mexican and vegetarian food. They’re not a vegetarian restaurant but their menu includes vegan-friendly samosas, falafel, salads and a variety of delicious dips.

On our first night in Florianópolis, we ate at Chårütü’s. Before we were half way through our meal, we decided we should eat there everyday for the rest of our visit. And we did. After finishing our pita chips and hummus, we moved on to try their potato and pea curry samosas. They were served with mango chutney and raitha. We skipped the raitha because of the yogurt but enjoyed every bite of our samosas dipped in the mango chutney, which had big chunks of fresh ginger. I usually opt for baked versus fried samosas but these were made to order and impossible to resist. The price for four samosas is $6 Brazilian Real ($3.20 USD).



For our main course, we split three tortilla wraps stuffed with zucchini, carrot, peppers and spring onion. We had a little too much fun dipping them in hummus, chutney and spicy sauce. Sadly, we missed out on the guacamole, curry and jerk sauce. I guess we’ll just have to find a way to get back to Florianópolis someday. For $12 Brazilian Real ($6.43 USD), you can get three wraps and two sauces. Each additional sauce costs $2 Brazilian Real ($1.08 USD).

Vegetarian Wraps

Vegan Wraps

Over the course of our three days in Florianópolis, we went back for seconds, thirds and fourths. We even ordered a bunch of takeout for the long bus ride to Rio de Janeiro.

Charutus Takeout

Charutu's takeout

If you’re visiting Florianópolis, be sure to check out Barra da Lagoa and drop by Chårütü’s.



Charutus Menu

Charutu's Menu

Charutu’s Restobar
Professor Abelardo de Souza 23
Barra da Lagoa
Florianópolis, Brazil