Vegan Fig and Peach Gelato at Perche No!

Fig and Peach Gelato from Perche No!

Italians love their food, and so do tourists visiting Italy. If Florence wasn’t totally jam packed with beautiful outdoor sculptures, buzzing piazzas (squares), river views, famous museums and churches, we would have probably eaten the city out of ice cream and pizza. Despite the welcomed distractions, we managed to make a good dent. Our Couch Surfing host was vegan, and had a real sweet tooth. As soon as we arrived in the city, she directed us to her favourite ice cream parlor, Perche No!. I’m known for choosing soy milk gelato, for the creaminess, but on this rare occasion opted for a scoop of fruity fig and peach, because you just don’t see these flavours everyday. They were fresh, light and oh so satisfying.

Vegan Gelato from Perche No! in Florence, Italy

Vegan Chocolate and Vanilla Soy Ice Cream at Perche No!

Vanilla and Chocolate Soy Milk Ice Cream from Perche No!

John decided to try the two soy milk flavours and got a scoop of vanilla and chocolate. The chocolate was super dark and rich, and the vanilla nice and creamy.

Vegan Chocolate and Vanilla Soy Gelato at Perche No!

Soy Options

Vegan Fruit Gelato at Perche No!

Vegan Fruit Options

Perche No! has two large, glass cases filled with options. The front case (pictured above), which you see as you come in the door, contains fruit flavours made without dairy or eggs. The soy milk options are in the other case, and clearly labeled. They also offer a vegan cone, you just have to ask.

Perche No! Gelateria

Preche No!

According to the Frommer’s guide, Preche No! was the first ice cream parlor to open in the city’s center back in 1946. They are credited with introducing the novelty glass display case, which is now a standard around Italy, and the world. One last crazy fact: During World War II, the power grid was specially reconnected to Perche No! so they could continue making gelato for the people of Florence. How amazing!

Perche No!

Via dei Tavolini 19r, off Via del Calzaiuoli
Firenze, Italy
Tel. 055-239-8969

Vegan Pizza in Florence, Italy

Marinara Pizza

Marinara Pizza from Gusto Leo

In typical Italian style, we had a pizza a day while in Florence. Except, unlike the locals, we shared each pizza. It absolutely amazes me to watch locals eat a full pizza all by themselves. We ordered this pizza marinara, with tomato sauce, garlic, and oregano, for €5.40 Euros ($7.35 USD) from Gusto Leo. We considered eating inside the restaurant but ended up taking it to the park after we noticed the note on the menu about a €1.50 Euro ($2.04 USD) fee for splitting a pizza. I guess that’s how they can tell the locals from the tourists. Locals eat it all.

Gusto Leo

Via del Proconsolo, 8-red
Firenze, Italy
Tel: 055 285217

Vegan Pizza, No Cheese

Vegetable Pizza, No Sauce from Birrificio Mostodolce

Pizzas can make for a very affordable meal, especially if you’re sharing, but it’s kind of annoying that the difference in price between a marinara, with just sauce and spices, and a pizza with some vegetables is about €3.00 or €4.00 Euros ($4.08-5.44 USD). I wouldn’t mind the additional fee if it got us more than a few paper thin slices of vegetables. This pizza from Birrificio Mostodolce, which cost about €9.00 Euros ($12.25 USD), came with a decent amount of veg (we’ve had a lot less), but was lacking in the sauce department. I guess we confused the staff with our request for no cheese. Oops! The lack of sauce left the pizza quite dry but we ate it up anyway.

Birrificio Mostodolce

Via Frà Bartolomeo, 211
Firenze, Italy
Tel. +39 0574 57.70.30

Il Vegetariano, Florence, Italy

2008-09 Italy Tour 615 Vegetarian Florence

Il Vegetariano by flickr: Jed Baxter

Seitan, Rice and Salad

Seitan, Rice and Salad from Il Vegetariano by flickr: dave_diblasio

With all of the vegetarian restaurants closed for August, we were left to eat pizza and ice cream while in Florence. How awful, right? I’m sure your heart is breaking for us. Okay but in all seriousness, if you make it to Florence in the spring or summer, you should have no problem finding vegetarian fare at restaurants like Il Vegetariano.

Il Vegetariano
Via delle Ruote, 30 r
Firenze, Italy
Tel: +39-055-475030

La Raccolta, Florence, Italy

tofu/asparagus ravioli with fresh pesto (the white pieces are pine nuts and garlic)

flickr: valeriedoucette

There’s also La Raccolta restaurant and health food store, which a very good friend of mine, Valerie, ate at when she visited Florence in 2008. She enjoyed some tofu and asparagus ravioli with pesto, pine nuts and garlic.

cappuccino/vanilla veg gelato with chocolate sauce

flickr: valeriedoucette

And, like any good vegan, she didn’t pass up the chance to try some cappuccino and vanilla gelato, with chocolate sauce, for dessert.

inside La Raccolta restaurant

La Raccolta by flickr: valeriedoucette

La Raccolta

Via Giacomo Leopardi, 2r
Firenze, Italy (50121)
Tel: +39-055-2479068

Festival del Gelato, Florence, Italy

Vegan Gelato

By flickr: Aquaturquoise

Vegan Gelato

By flickr: Aquaturquoise

Can you handle one more scoop? Yea? OK good. Festival del Gelato, which is located in the center of Florence and easily spotted by its neon signs, has a selection of rice milk gelato, with flavours like frutti di bosco (forest fruit or mixed berries), hazelnut and cappuccino. If you have any appetite left, check them out.

Festival del Gelato
Via del Corso 75r
Firenze, Italy
Tel:+39 055 239 4386