La Mano Verde

La Mano Verde

Berlin is full of fast food options but there are only a small number of restaurants where vegans can go if they have something to celebrate and want to enjoy a fancy meal in a posh environment. We had an anniversary while in Berlin and decided to make reservations at La Mano Verde.

Raw Canelloni Orange

Orange Cannelloni

Not only is the restaurant all vegan, they have quite a few raw and gluten free dishes on their menu. It had been awhile since we’d eaten anywhere with raw options so I decided to try something raw, and unusual. I choose the orange cannelloni, which consisted of thin slices of sweet potato filled with broccoli-cashew-ricotta cheese, topped with an orange sauce, fresh sage and a sun dried tomato. It was served with a side of raw ratatouille.

The dish looked beautiful, and I really, really wanted to love it, but barley liked it. The cannelloni was quite large and had a squishy texture I didn’t enjoy. The sauce was nice, as was the ratatouille. I like raw food, just not the complex stuff, I guess.

Glazed Tempeh Skewers

Tempeh Skewers

John had much better luck than I did and absolutely  loved his dish. He ordered the crispy tempeh skewers in a sweet and spicy glaze, served on a bed of creamy celery and potato gratin. It was also served with a red wine and red onion relish, and pak choi. He let me try a few bites, and I have to agree, everything about it was great.

Vegan Creme Brulee with Fresh Fruit from La Mano Verde

Vegan Crème Brûlée

Once we saw there was a vegan crème brûlée on the menu, made with passion fruit and blue curaçao liquer, we couldn’t resist ordering dessert. This was our first time trying crème brûlée. We had nothing to compare it to, but really liked it. The top was hard and took a few taps to crack. The burnt, crunchy bits were the best and made for an exciting mouth full each time we found one. The inside was a light green colour, and tasted fresh and sweet. The crème brûlée was served with a side of cubed fruit, with bits of pear, strawberry, blueberry and more. It was refreshing and light, a great way to end the meal.

La Mano Verde

La Mano Verde

The service and atmosphere at La Mano Verde was top notch and made for a nice, relaxing evening. This is definitely a great option for anyone in Berlin who is looking for a fancy vegan meal. The prices are much higher than any other place we ate, with mains costing €14.50-16.50 ($18.43-20.98 USD) and desserts at €6.50 ($8.26 USD). Luckily, we found a €10.00 Euro coupon on their Facebook group that helped make the dinner more affordable.

La Mano Verde
Scharnhorststraße 28
10115 Berlin, Germany
Tel: (030) 8270-3120