Makings for a fruit smoothie

Fruit for Smoothie

Our last day in South America came faster than we ever thought it would. Before we knew it, we were having our last smoothie. It was a good one though, with pineapple, mango, maracuya (passion fruit), banana and lucuma powder. Yum!

Fruit Smoothie

Super Smoothie

We took the last of our Peruvian Nuevo Soles and headed to the Metro supermarket, which was just down the street from our digs at Hostel Kokopelli. John picked up corn in a cup, which came out of a super cute corn shaped cart. I wish I’d snapped a pic of it.

Corn in a Cup - To Go

Corn in a Cup

We also gabbed some sweet potato fries (turned out to be soggy) and had some leftover rice and lentils.

Sweet Potato Fries & Rice and Lentils

Sweet Potato Fries and Rice & Lentils

For a snack, we bought some amaranth and quinoa bars that had a delicious chocolate coating.

Kiwiricas - Quinoa and Amaranth Bars

Amaranth and Quinoa Bars

It wasn’t a very exciting eating day but it was our last in Lima and South America. Our day didn’t exactly end here. Around 9:00 p.m., we headed to the Jorge Ch├ívez International Airport on the outskirts of Lima, where the eating adventures continued. Click on over to the next post to find out what vegan treats were waiting for us at the Lima airport.