Ms. Cupcake

Ms. Cupcake, Greenwich Market, London, UK

After stopping by Vx, home to the Secret Society of Vegans, and trying one of Ms. Cupcake‘s whoopie pies with strawberry filling, we knew we had to meet this special lady in person. On a Friday afternoon, we made our way to London’s Greenwich Market and did just that. We found Ms. Cupcake smiling behind a table of her colourful creations. We were delighted to discover she was as charming and as sweet as her cupcakes.

Ms. Cupcake

Vegan Cupcakes by Ms. Cupcake, London, UK

After having a chat with Ms. Cupcake, we got down to business and started evaluating our options. Choosing treats isn’t something we take lightly. We took a good, hard look at all of the beautiful cupcakes before making our choices. After a few minutes, we agreed on The Ambassador and Jaffa Cake. In the end, this wasn’t a hard choice because both cupcakes mimicked desserts we’d never had the pleasure of enjoying as vegans.

Ferrero Rocher

The Ambassador by Ms. Cupcake, London, UK

The Ambassador is essentially the cupcake version of a Ferrero Rocher. For anyone who doesn’t know what a Ferrero Rocher is, I will explain. They’re a chocolate ball with a roasted hazelnut in the center. The hazelnut is wrapped in a thin wafer shell that’s filled with hazelnut cream. The outer layer is milk chocolate, rolled in chopped hazelnuts. They’re very popular in North America and can also be found in Europe. Ms. Cupcake’s Ambassador did Ferrero Rocher justice. The chocolate cupcake base was infused with hazelnut. On top, there was a layer of homemade chocolate hazelnut spread, topped with nutty chocolate frosting covered in roasted hazelnut pieces. All the layers of hazelnut and chocolate combined to make a truly magical first bite that took me back to pre-vegan Christmas holidays and the memory of finding a box of Ferrero Rocher in my stocking.

Jaffa Cake

Jaffa Cake by Ms. Cupcake, London, UK

Jaffa Cakes are a popular treat in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The small, round sponge cakes, topped with a layer of orange jelly and covered in chocolate, get their name from the sweet oranges that are grown in Jaffa, Israel. Ms. Cupcake used this common sweet as inspiration for these chocolate and orange cupcakes. We were pleasantly surprised to find the chocolate cupcake base was infused with orange and filled with tart orange marmalade. On top of the moist cake, there was sweet chocolate and orange buttercream frosting with a slice of candied orange. This was our favourite cupcake of the batch. This didn’t surprise Ms. Cupcake, the Jaffa Cake won her first place at Iron Cupcake London.

Ms. Cupcake - Our picks!

Vegan Cupcakes by Ms. Cupcake, London, UK

We were buying the cupcakes to go and enjoy in a nearby park. Ms. Cupcake was kind enough to offer us a box so they wouldn’t get squished. The box she gave us was big enough to hold four and just didn’t look right with two empty spaces. We were also swayed by the slight discount applied to bulk orders. The cupcakes were £2.00 GBP ($2.90 USD) each, or four for £7.50 GBP ($10.88 USD). We decided to choose two more cupcakes. We quickly agreed on the Triple Chocolate. Our fourth choice was a bit harder, we wanted to pick something fruity. The Lemon Drop came out as the winner due to John’s fondness for lemon desserts (he really misses lemon meringue pie!).

Triple Chocolate

Triple Chocolate by Ms. Cupcake, London, UK

The Triple Chocolate was good, but not as good as our first two cupcakes. Perhaps we were reaching our maximum level of sugar tolerance at this point. The chocolaty cupcake had a chocolate base, with a layer of chocolate cream, topped with a generous amount of chocolate frosting. For garnish, there was a piece of a dark chocolate bar, and three of Humdinger’s Dairy Free White Chocolate Buttons. These buttons are really good and can be found at most health food stores and in the gluten free section of many Tesco supermarkets.


Lemon Drop by Ms. Cupcake, London, UK

The Lemon Drop cupcake was totally different from the other Ms. Cupcake creations we tried. This one seemed much lighter. Infused with natural flavours and colourings, like all of Ms. Cupcakes goodies, they had a great citrus flavour. Lemon zest was baked into the base and a sweet lemon frosting was piled on top. The candied lemon piece was the final touch and left us completely wired from all the sugar, yet somehow wanting more of Ms. Cupcake.

Ferrero Rocher and Peachy Keen

Ms. Cupcake, Greenwich Market, London, UK

We would have loved to try more of Ms. Cupcake’s treats, but four was plenty. Actually, it was too many. We had to lay off the sweet stuff for next few days. Ms. Cupcake is currently scheduled to be at the Greenwich Market every Thursday and Friday, check her website for updates.

To Happy Vegan's Cupcakes

To Happy Vegan's Cupcakes

If you’re a lover of vegan cupcakes and in London, you should also get in contact Sasha and Mitsu at To Happy Vegans. They sell vegan cupcakes and a variety of other vegan desserts.

Greenlands Health Food Shop

Greenlands Health Food Shop, Greenwich Market, London, UK

Ms. Cupcake isn’t the only vegan-friendly vendor at the Greenwich Market. You can find lots of vegan stuff at Greenlands Health Food Shop (3A Greenwich Market).

Speckled Egss

Whizzers Speckled Eggs and Booja-Booja Truffles

Veggie Pies

Clive's Pies

From Greenlands Health Food Shop, we picked up Whizzers speckled eggs for £0.79 GBP ($1.15 USD), Booja-Booja hazelnut truffles for £1.35 GBP ($1.96 USD) and one of Clive’s Pies, the minty chickpea variety, for £2.49 GBP ($3.16 USD). All of these items were awesome, especially the speckled eggs which I have been missing for years.

Sundia Raw Vegan African Food

Sundia Raw & Vegan Food, Greenwich Market, London, UK

Sundia Raw Vegan African Food

Sundia Raw & Vegan Food, Greenwich Market, London, UK

We also saw a vegan raw food vendor, Sundia, selling a variety of yummy looking salads.

Ethiopian Vegetarian Food Cart

Ethiopian Vegetarian Food, Greenwich Market, London, UK

There was an Ethiopian Vegetarian Food vendor too. We didn’t look closely at their menu but vegetarian Ethiopian food tends to be suitable for vegans.

Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market, London, UK

In addition to the vegan-friendly vendors and health food shop, you’ll find lots of neat stuff at Greenwich Market. The market is open Wednesday-Sunday, with different features each day. For details about what will be featured at the market, visit the Official Greenwich Market website.