Greetings from Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

We spent a little over a week in Dublin but only ate at one restaurant, Cornucopia. The rest of the time, we bought food to eat at home. Our shopping trips took us to many places, including several supermarkets and health food stores.

M&S Supermarket

Marks and Spencer Simply Food, Dublin, Ireland

"Super" Berry Smoothie

Super Berry Smoothie

M&S Discount Salads

Marks and Spencer Salads

Marks & Spencer Simply Food is a fancy supermarket chain, located in M&S department stores, where you can find lots of food ready for takeaway. They have some nice vegan smoothies and salads. Their prices are a bit higher than other supermarkets, but they often have sales on items nearing their best before date. We picked up a sprouted pea & bean salad, as well as the fireburst rice salad one day when they were on sale for €1.50 Euro ($1.84 USD). We also bought some nice bread at M&S. Finding bread in Ireland was a bit of an challenge because almost every loaf in the country contains buttermilk.


Indian Curry Sauce

Indian for Dinner

Indian Food for Dinner

Marks & Spencer also sell a nice line of curry sauces and frozen Indian appetizers. We bought some curry sauce, samosas, and pakoras, which we mixed with some fresh veggies, beans and brown rice to make a lovely Indian feast.

Healthy Salad for Dinner


Picnic at St. Stephen's Green Park -  Homemade Vegan Sandwich

Tomato, Avocado, Hummus Sandwich

Homemade Guacamole with Dill

Homemade Guacamole with Dill

For most of our groceries, all of the fruits, veggies and basic stuff, we shopped at Tesco supermarkets. We put together a bunch of simple meals, making salads, sandwiches and even one batch of guacamole with fresh dill.

Down To Earth

Down to Earth, Dublin, Ireland

Vegan Treats found in Dublin

Vegan Treats from Dublin, Ireland

Down to Earth is one of several health food stores in Dublin. We popped in and left with two chocolate bars, one organic vegan golden coconut & dark chocolate bar for €1.29 Euros ($1.58 USD), and one dark chocolate and white mint chocolate bar by Pamil Foods for €1.99 Euros ($2.44 USD). The coconut bar was great but we could have lived without the mint bar. The other items in the picture were purchased at the Dublin Food Co-op, another place to shop for vegan food in Dublin.

Swedish Glace Wild Berry Vegan Ice Cream

Swedish Glace Wild Blueberry Vegan Ice Cream

Dark Chocolate Spread

Whole Earth Dark Chocolate Spread

Sea Cakes

Clear Spot Tofu Sea Cakes

At Down to Earth, we also spotted some Swedish Glace vegan ice cream, Whole Earth dark chocolate spread, and Clear Spot Organic Tofu sea cakes (weird!).

St George's Arcade Market

Nutri, St George's Arcade Market, Dublin, Ireland

Nutri is another one of Dublin’s health food stores, located inside St George’s Arcade Market. We stopped in and found a very nice surprise…

Mini Cup of Booja-Booja Raw Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

Booja-Booja's Hunky Punky Vegan Ice Cream

a small tub of Booja-Booja‘s Hunky Punky raw vegan ice cream! We often come across vegan ice cream and frozen desserts but can rarely indulge because we don’t stay in one place long enough to make a dent in a regular tub. Also, fridges in Ireland seem to be quite small and not always cold enough to keep ice cream frozen. This mini serving of the Booja-Booja ice cream was fantastic! The price was a bit expensive, €2.79 Euros ($3.42 USD), for the quantity but it was oh so worth it. The ice cream, made of simple ingredients, was creamy and delicious. We savoured every bite. It was so nice to be able to enjoy ice cream while walking around the market.

Organic Vegan Tutti Frutti and Cola Candies

Organic Candies

Lord of Tofu Products

Lord of Tofu Products

At Nutri, we also saw some vegan Biona candies and Lord of Tofu products.

Buttlers Orange and Almond Bar

Butlers Almond & Orange Dark Chocolate Bar

Bulters Chocolate is an Irish company that sells a variety of chocolate creations. They have a dark chocolate bar with orange and almond pieces that just happens to be vegan. It’s not everyday I find dairy-free dark chocolate bars with nuts, a wonderful addition that makes for a nice texture and flavour. Add some orange into the mix and you’ve got something worth writing about! This bar was a gift from Aoife of the Adventures in Veg blog. It was a lovely treat and something you can pick up from any one of the numerous Butlers Chocolate Cafes in Dublin. The bars retail for €2.99 Euros ($3.67 USD).

Narin's Biscuits

Narin's Oat Biscuits

Narin’s oat biscuits are a Scottish treat but can be found all over Ireland. They were recommended to me by Glauce from the All About (Vegan) Food blog. We found some mini packs at a health food store for €0.35 Euro ($0.43 USD) and bought one of each flavour. The stem ginger biscuits had a super strong ginger flavour that we loved. We ended up buying two boxes during our stay and eating them as snacks whenever we had the chance.

Innocent Juices

Innocent Smoothies

Innocent smoothies can be found at most supermarkets, health food and convenience stores in Dublin. They are expensive, about €2.00 or €3.00 Euros ($2.45 -$3.68 USD), but make for a nice, refreshing snack. We were lucky to score a few bottles when we went for lunch at the Google campus in Dublin. We’ll be posting about that soon so keep checking back.