Vegan S'Mores

John and I recently went camping at Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario Canada. It was our first time camping together, first time camping as “adults” and first time camping as vegans. Luckily, we went camping with another couple who had enough gear for all four of us. Not having to think about packing sleeping bags, tents or tarps meant we could focus all of our energy on packing food. We decided to keep our cooler stocked with traditional camping eats, like s’more supplies, burgers, hot dogs, sausages and enough veggies to make some sweet kabobs.

Making s’mores over the open campfire was definitely a highlight. We made them using Dandies vegan marshmallows, dark chocolate squares and digestive biscuits. It would have been nice to use graham crackers but we couldn’t find any that were made without honey. Despite all of our substitutions, the taste of the s’mores was not compromised! We were delighted to discover the vegan marshmallows melted and toasted up just like the old fashion kind.

What can I eat as a vegan on a camping trip? Let me show you…

Outdoor Herbivore

Outdoor Herbivore

Prior to this camping trip, I’d been hanging on to several Outdoor Herbivore meals, just waiting for the right opportunity to try them out. We’ve had to resist eating them at home many times, knowing they were intended to be enjoyed outdoors. Well, I’m happy to report they were worth the wait! These meals are so perfect for camping. They’re light weight, easy to prepare, made with healthy ingreidents, taste great and really fill you up after a long day of canoeing. We enjoyed the Blackened Quinoa with Field Roast sausages for dinner. We made (and by made I mean added water — so easy!) the Curried Apple Couscous and Toasted Sunburst Muesli for breakfast one morning. These two meals were substantial enough to fill all four of us for breakfast.

Vegan Camping Food – Cooked with Fire

Vegan Camping Food

We had a great time cooking dinners on the camp fire. We roasted up some veggies, burgers and hot dogs. Our kabobs got a little burnt, but we still enjoyed a few salvageable bites. We had a whole pineapple to work with so we marinated some leftover slices in BBQ sauce and then grilled bite-sized pieces on sticks. Pienapple + BBQ sauce + fire = a winning combination! The corn was also a big hit, and came out perfectly roasted after spending a few minutes roasting in the fire.

Vegan Camp Food – Cooked on the Stove

Vegan Camping

We had a camping stove at our disposal, which was handy to have around when we were feeling too lazy to start a fire. Like breakfast time, for example. We boiled water to make oatmeal and cooked up some veggie sausages in a cast iron pan. These were super easy and satisfying breakfast options.

Camping is so fun! I hope you all had a chance to make it outside and enjoy a little nature this summer.