Bday breakfast

Vegan Breakfast

We just spent four days in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay, a small fishing village with great beaches and a bohemian atmosphere. After spending the first night in a hostel, we realized we could stay in a private cabaña for almost the same price.

When we checked into our first cabaña, I screamed with joy when I saw we had a blender. We were able to make homemade smoothies for the first time since we started this trip. Using the local fruit that was available, we blended up an orange, mango, nectarine, pear and apple smoothie. Yum! Paired with whole wheat toast and peanut butter, it was the perfect birthday breakfast.

The second cabaña we rented didn’t have a blender but it did have an outdoor BBQ. Two nights in a row, the boys spent hours prepping the coals. We had to be very patient. We ate dinner long after the sunset but it was worth the wait.

BBQ Fire @ Night

Vegan BBQ

On the first night, we chopped up veggies, seasoned them with leftover curry powder and coriander, wrapped them in tinfoil and baked them on the grill. Once the veggies were ready, we piled them on top of a fresh pizza crust from a local bakery and cooked the pizza on the grill. This method made for a perfectly crisp and smoky tasting pizza. Delish!

BBQ Pizza

Vegan BBQ Pizza

On the second night, we took our staple lentil, rice, onion and garlic mixture, stuffed it into some red bell peppers and cooked them on the grill. We also wrapped up sweet yams and roasted them directly on the coals. They were so soft and sweet. We ate them in a matter of minutes, barely leaving room for our stuffed peppers.

Stuffed red peper and baked yam

Stuffed Red Pepper and Yam


Baked Yams

Like in Punta del Este, there weren’t a lot of vegan options in Punta del Diablo. There were no vegetarian restaurants but we were able to enjoy the local produce and cook great meals at home.

When we weren’t eating, we relaxed on the beaches. Life is good.

Blue Cabaña


Corner store

Vegetable and fruit selection, Punta del Diablo


Punta del Diablo Beach


Punta del Diablo Beach