Welcome to the November edition of Tips & Trips, a roundup of vegan travel tips and blog posts by vegans who have recently traveled and documented their food finds. If you have some tips or want to submit a link, please contact us.

Vegan Travel Tips

  • Health Travels Booth in Toronto AirportVegNews assures us things are looking up for vegans flying during the holiday season. More and more vegan options are popping up in airports, and more airlines are offering vegan and vegetarian meals.
  • The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) just released the results of a study that found 82% of major US airport restaurants now offer at least one low-fat, high-fiber, cholesterol-free vegetarian entrée, up from 79% last year.
  • If you’re nervous about keeping up your healthy vegan lifestyle while traveling for the holidays, check out these 10 tips from the Healthy Voyager.
  • Sherri from Vegan Nosh has some advice on what vegan food items you can get through airport security.
  • If you’re traveling by car, rather than plane, check these road trip snack ideas from Sarah at The Ordinary Vegetarian blog.
  • Heather from Healthy Vegan Recipes delivers more great vegan travel advice this month, bringing us tips for cooking on the road without oil. She’s also started a discussion about whether or not vegans who choose healthy meals are missing out.
  • This month I was introduced to The Veggie Bus, an online resource put together by a bunch of “hardcore vegetarians who are traveling the world (well Asia to start with) seeking the finest (and cheapest) veggie cuisine from China, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.”
  • Do you have vegan travel tips to share? Submit your best tips for a chance to win a Kiss My Face gift pack from the Tomorrow Austin blog. You can enter until January 11, 2011!

Vegan Travel Bloggers – International

  • Chocolates and caramelsThink being vegan in Japan is impossible? It can be done! Polly from Veggywood shows us many interesting vegan options in her post about vegan food in Tokyo.
  • November was the Vegan Month of Food aka Vegan MoFo. Hundreds of vegans signed up to post five days a week for the entire month. In the bunch, there were several who wrote about their recent vegan travels, including Vegan in Brighton, who reported on Vienna, London and Edinburgh.
  • Aoife from Adventures in Veg also visited Edinburgh, where she found lots of vegan food, and beautiful views.
  • Vegansuras inspires wanderlust with the story of a nine day vegan eating adventure through Vienna, Krakow, and Budapest.
  • Paris Vegan Day, held on November 28, brought many vegans to town and set them off to explore local options. Joshua Katcher, The Discerning Brute, has been quick to post about the airline food, Paris restaurants, and shopping.
  • Earlier this year, we visited London and dined at Saf and Vitao, among many other places. It was a treat to read a hegan perspective on these restaurants by Matt, the boyfriend of Amber from the Almost Vegan Blog.
  • Girl Ventures is a blog by two girls from the US, Maggie and Deborah, who are on a year long round the world trip visiting South America, Africa, India and Southeast Asia. Maggie is a vegan and while she doesn’t write a lot about food, she did share a recipe for one of her favourite vegan meals found in South Africa, it’s called Bunny Chow. Don’t worry, no bunnies are involved.
  • Raw foodie Frederic Patenaude has been spending time in Chiang Mai, Thailand and has learned how to navigate the local market. He showcases the raw and vegan offerings in this video.
  • Associated Content published an article about the growing vegan scene in Tokyo, Japan and their annual Vegan Festival.
  • If you’re curious about the vegan scene in Australia, check out this post about vegan eats in Melbourne by the Wandering Vegans.
  • Yahoo Travel reports on the growing number of vegetarian eateries that have been quietly mushrooming in Singapore over the past two years.
  • Interested in traveling to East Africa? Maria the Vegan World Trekker offers some insight on what vegans can expect to find.

Vegan Travel Bloggers – US & Canada

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