Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport, Ireland

After two weeks in Ireland, we were ready for our next destination: The Netherlands. We woke up early, said goodbye to Dublin, and headed to the airport. Before taking off, we made sure to have a look around and see what vegan options were available.

Need a Security Bag? 2 for 1 Euro

Security Bag Vending Machine

After making it through the security checkpoint, having a little laugh at the security bag vending machine (didn’t these used to be free!?!?), we were ready to focus on food.

Jump Smoothie & Juice Bar

Jump, Dublin Airport

Jump was the first promising vendor we saw. They sell a variety of fresh juices and smoothies, perfect for breakfast or a snack. Having already enjoyed some innocent smoothies earlier in the morning, we kept looking for lunchtime eats.

Boots Meal Deal - Veganized!

Boots Meal Deal - Veganized

We came across Boots and headed inside thinking we might find one of the Fresh Organics Bugsy hummus and carrot sandwiches we’d picked up at the London Heathrow airport a few weeks earlier. We were excited to find the sandwich in stock, and delighted to learn they could be purchased as part of a meal deal. At Boots, you can buy a sandwich, drink and snack for €3.99 ($5.01 USD). The sandwich was €2.99 Euro ($3.75 USD), meaning one additional euro got us a smoothie (usually €3.00 Euro) and chips or a granola bar. That’s very reasonable when it comes to airport prices. We had our cheap vegan lunch.

Vegan Chocolates

Vegan Chocolates at the Dublin Airport

Even after we bought lunch, we kept looking around to see what other vegan options were available. At the Wrights of Howth shop, we spotted some Celtic Chocolates truffles and mint crisps, as well as some Caramel Flavoured Choices chocolates. I was very excited to see two kinds of chocolate clearly labeled vegan. We’d tried the Celtic Chocolates, which I wrote about in my post about Dingle, Ireland, and decided to pass on those. After a brief moment of hesitation, we bought a box of caramels for €2.99 Euros ($3.75 USD). The Choices caramels turned out to be way better than the Celtic Chocolates. These are the best vegan caramels we’ve ever had! They had thick, creamy centers, and milk chocolaty shells. Very impressive for vegan chocolate!

Starbucks Falafel Panini

Starbucks Vegan Falafel Panini

At Starbucks, we saw a falafel panini. It was behind glass and we were rushing so I didn’t have a chance to flip it over and read the ingredients. However, I just checked on their website and confirmed it’s vegan. Yay! It was expensive, around €7.00 Euros ($8.78 USD), but a much appreciated option.

Garlic Marinade Pepper Wraps

Veggie Wrap

In the Mezzanine Food Court, we popped into The Real Food Company and found a wrap sandwich with a label reading “garlic marinaded peppers, with baby leaves, grated carrot, crushed walnuts and sweet aubergine relish,” selling for €7.25 Euros ($9.10 USD). There was no one around to ask about ingredients but it looked like a vegan option, although an expensive one.


Nutz, Dublin Airport

Dried Fruit by Nutz

Nutz, Dublin Airport

Nearing our gate, we came across one last vendor selling vegan-friendly goodies. Nutz had a variety of nuts and dried fruit for sale by weight. It seemed expensive, but could save the day in a pinch.

The Black Sheep Magnet

The Black Sheep Irish Magnet

We don’t usually buy souvenirs at the airport but this little black sheep magnet melted our hearts and we picked one up before hopping on the plane.

Are Lingus Dublin to Amsterdam

Aer Lingus

Are Lingus Sky Cafe - Nothing for Vegans but One Vegetarian  Sandwich

Aer Lingus Sky Cafe Vegetarian Sandwich

We flew with Aer Lingus from Dublin to Amsterdam. It was too early in the day for them to serve lunch, and too short of a flight to offer anything complimentary. Most airlines have cut back on free meals and are now serving a limited menu of sandwiches and snacks that can be purchased on board. I did notice a vegetarian sandwich on their sky cafe menu. I haven’t flown with any airline whose sky menu has a vegan option past packaged apple slices or almonds. I would love to see a vegan sandwich but it seems like the vegetarian option is always spoiled by cheese or a dairy spread. For now, I’ll keep looking. Hopefully, someday, a keen airline will step up and offer a vegan sandwich. Who doesn’t love a tomato, avocado and hummus sandwich?