Plane food

Vegan Airplane Meal

We’ve put our 9-5 life on hold, rented our condo, been vaccinated more times than we care to count, and packed our life into two small bags. For us, 2010 will be a year of travel. And with travel comes eating adventures…

So how did this come about? Over the last few years, John and I have done a bit of traveling. Together, we have visited Thailand, Japan, Costa Rica, Austria, Spain, France, several US cities and lots of Canadian cities. All of this travel has fueled our love for exploring unfamiliar places and sampling foreign cuisines.

Most of the vacations we’ve taken have been one or two weeks long. Like good little vegans we do our research in advance and make notes about restaurants we want to visit. We tend to book accommodations where we will have access to a kitchen and can make meals at home. This strategy has served us well. We’ve never gone hungry and often found lots of delicious vegan food on our journeys.

As for our 2010 backpacking adventure, well, we haven’t exactly planned it all out yet. But I’ll tell you what we do know: It’s going to be one crazy eating extraveganza. Our route will be something along these lines…

The Plan

January to March
January — Argentina
February — Uruguay, Brazil
March — Bolivia, Peru

April to July

August to December
China, Thailand, India, North Africa

Stay tuned. If nothing else, there will be lots of food porn.