Veni Vidi Vegi - All Vegan Store

Veni Vidi Vegi, Berlin, Germany

If you haven’t caught on yet, I’ll tell you straight up that Berlin is a very vegan-friendly city. In addition to all of the restaurants, cafes and fast food joints serving up vegan food, there are a lot of bio shops and regular supermarkets that have a great selection of vegan items you can buy to make meals at home. Another place worth checking out, although you may have to make a special trip to get there, is Veni Vidi Vegi. It’s an all vegan store with a whole lot of vegan food, books, shoes and clothing packed into one small shop.

Vegan Cheese and Meat

Vegan Meat and Cheese Alternatives

Their freezer section may be tiny compared to what you’d find in other stores but it’s packed with vegan meat and cheese alternatives. They’ve got a wide selection of veggie burgers, hot dogs, sausages, nuggets, as well as cheese spreads, slices and dips.

Vegusto Vegan Cheese

Vegusto Vegan Cheese

The Vegusto cheese products caught my eye and I was quick to add a package of their walnut cheese to my basket.

Vegan Cheese and Jerky

Vegan Jerkey

If you like vegan jerky, you’ll be happy to find they carry products by Primal Strips, Wheaty and Vantastic Foods.

Vegan Chocolate Chips and Smarties

Vegan Chocolate Chips and Smarties

There’s no shortage of sweets and treats at Veni Vidi Vegi. I found huge bags of vegan chocolate chips and buntinies (aka smarties) …

Vegan Cookies and Biscuits

Vegan Cookies

…lots of cookies and bars…

Vegan Ice Cream

Vegan Frozen Desserts

… and frozen desserts made from soy and rice milk.

Buys from Veni Vidi Vegi

My Picks

After walking around the store and making an honest effort to exercise some spending control (the store only accepts cash), I left with a bag of treats to take home and share with John. I decided I couldn’t live without trying some Naturkorn Mühle Werz spelt animal crackers, Naturkorn Mühle Werz gummy bears, Vegusto walnut cheese, Vegusto Swiss cheese slices, Pural orange and chocolate cookies, a No Nuts chocolate bar by Sweet William, a dark chocolate and nougat Bonbarr, and two Energy Oat Snack bars. I also snagged a “friends? not food ok?” patch. Cute!

Vegan Energy Oatsnack

Chocolate Energy Oat Snack Bar

I ate one of the Energy Oat Snack bars, the chocolate version, right after leaving the store. It had melted a bit but gave me the energy I needed to continue walking and explore some nearby art galleries.

Vegusto Walnut Cheese

Vegusto Walnut Cheese

I’d heard really good things about the Vegusto cheese products and have to say I was impressed. This cheese is made without soy, and uses products like potato starch, rice flour and nut butter for texture and taste. We enjoyed it on sandwiches and crackers.

Best. Sandwich. Eever

BBQ Tempeh and Swiss Cheese Sandwich

The walnut cheese was really good but we quickly forgot about it after cracking open the package of Vegusto Swiss cheese slices. They had an awesome flavour and texture, complete with little holes like real Swiss cheese. We enjoyed the slices on a homemade sandwich that was stacked high with BBQ tempeh, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, avocado and hummus. A super sandwich!

Vegan Shoes

Vegan Shoes

In addition to all of the food, you can find lots of other vegan products at Veni Vidi Vegi.  Check out these pictures to see some of the shoes, books, clothing and pins they carry.

Vegan Books

Vegan Books

Vegan Shirts and Patches

Vegan Shirts and Patches

Vegan Pins at Veni Vidi Vegi (Vegan store in Berlin)

Vegan Pins

If you’re in Berlin, make a trip to Veni Vidi Vegi and do your best to support this vegan store by stocking up on food and gear. If you’re visiting from out of town, ask for a copy of the vegan restaurant guide, which is a one pager with a list of all the vegan restaurants in town.

Veni Vidi Vegi! -Veganladen Naturkost
Pücklerstr. 32, 10997
Berlin, Germany
Tel: (030) 69 56 68 48