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Food, Culture & The Challenge of Eating Vegan in South Africa

Kenya: Fruits and Vegetables for Sale at Market in Samburu

This guest post is by Danielle Nierenberg from the Border Jumpers blog. Danielle is a senior researcher at the Worldwatch Institute and co-director for their Nourishing the Planet project. Visit Border Jumpers and learn how to make two traditional South African vegan recipes.

Before Bernard Pollack, my travel partner, and I left on our year-long trip across Africa, many of our friends and family asked “how are you going to be vegetarian or vegan in Africa? There’s nothing for you to eat there.” A few months later, over a mushy bowl of nshima—a kind of maize porridge and a staple food in both Zambia and Malawi—I looked at Bernard and smiled. Nshima’s definitely not the most attractive looking food, but it’s a tasty vegan dish that’s similar to mashed potatoes and often served with pumpkin leaves, which are a bit like collard greens, as well as cabbage and carrots.

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Learning to Make Vegan Momos with a Mystery Guitar Man in Darjeeling, India


Vegan Momos

This post was written by Sarah, author of the The Ordinary Vegetarian blog. Sarah recently visited India and was kind enough to write a guest post about her vegan eating adventures in the city of Darjeeling. Be sure to check out her blog for a vegan momo recipe.

When I told friends and family that one of my stops on my India trip was going to be Darjeeling, a common response was, “Darjeeling?.. Like the tea?” Yep, like the tea! Darjeeling’s namesake tea is what they are best known for, but they have much more to offer.

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