Interview with One Green Planet

We recently did an interview with One Green Planet. Check it out here.

I answer questions like…

What do you do when you can’t find vegan food? Please give our readers some easy tips for grocery shopping.

Has being vegan ever prevented you from experiencing a particular culture where non-vegan food is a crucial part of the daily life?

What are some of the carry on foods and snacks you pack along during your travels?

Interview with Bikya Masr

Bikya Masr, a website run by one of our friends in Egypt, just posted a Vegan Backpacker interview. Check it out here.

I answer questions like…

How long have you guys been traveling and what would you tell people who are going to try the same?

Often, people say that many cities do not offer any vegan options. What has been your experience?

What has been your most memorable meal?

Vegan Backpacker Interview with Planet Green

Mickey Z from Planet Green just posted an interview about the Vegan Backpacker blog. Click here to read the interview and learn a little more about how this all got started.

I answer questions like…

What has surprised you most during this adventure?

What came first, your veganism or your interest in the outdoors?

Interview with The Vegan Police

I’ve been interviewed! Head over to The Vegan Police blog to find out answers to important questions like….

How much preparation have you put into researching destinations before you go? When it comes to places you haven’t been to you, what are your go to resources?


The site has already amassed some great information, I am wondering if this is project is a 2010 thing or will this be an ongoing vegan travel blog?