First Aid Kit

flickr: By marvinxsteadfast

This guest post is by Heather Nauta from Healthy Vegan Recipes. Heather is a registered holistic nutritionist who teaches you how to live a healthy vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. Visit Healthy Vegan Recipes to check out her vegan travel videos.

One of the most important things to remember overall for vegan travel is to keep yourself healthy and support your immune system. There will be foods, viruses and bacteria that your body is not used to dealing with.

Exercise is often forgotten in the excitement of traveling. You also might miss a night or two of your normal sleep pattern if you have a long trip and if you jump a few time zones.

All of these factors will knock your immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to illness during vegan travel than you would be at home. Minimize them as much as possible, and if you do get sick the first step is to eliminate the cause.

Once you find the culprit, use these healthy food solutions to relieve the symptoms and get you back to your normal healthy self. Not only are these options cheaper than medication and drugs, but they are also much better for your system.

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