An Introduction to Eating Vegan in Taiwan

Fenqihu (奮起湖) train lunch box served in a bamboo box.

Fenqihu (奮起湖) train lunch served in a bamboo box.

This guest post was written by Seattle vegan and frequent Taiwan backpacker, Brett Boynton. Brett’s tea blog, which currently contains over 30 of his own Taiwan travel stories, can be found at

Taiwan is a vibrant and beautiful island filled with great people, incredible tea, and abundant delicious vegan food. It is not difficult to find all of the above even if your Guoyu (Taiwan’s word for Mandarin) (國語) is limited to Xiexie (謝謝) (thank you) and Ni Hao (你好) (hello). The key is to have a few phrases written in Chinese before you travel.

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The Intrepid Herbivores Learn to Cook Vegan in Thailand

Thai Food Made Vegan

Thai Food Made Vegan

This guest post was written by The Intrepid Herbivores, Sadie and Joe, who recently spent some time in Thailand studying local cooking techniques and filming the pilot episode for their vegan travel TV show.

Traveling vegan style has so much potential for adventure. You get to bend your expectations and challenge yourself in regards to pretty much all of your senses. For my favorite sense–taste–Thailand has been a goldmine of sensory rewards.

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Veggywood Takes on Hong Kong, China


Hong Kong, China

This guest post was written by Polly from Veggywood. She recently traveled to Asia and visited China and Japan. Now she is back and here to share her tips for vegans traveling in these countries.

As a vegetarian and then as a vegan, I’d always been nervous about traveling to Asia.  I’d heard horror stories about fish broth being in “everything”, carcasses hanging in shop windows, the prevalence of fur clothing… But when in the beginning of October, I was fortunate enough to travel to Hong Kong for the first time, I found an entirely different world:  one that was decidedly veggie-friendly and even more importantly, respectful of it. With the exception of fur (sadly, people wear a lot of real fur there, and it’s all over the shop windows, a sight I haven’t seen in awhile), I found Hong Kong and Japan surprisingly easy places to travel as vegan.

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Tips for Ordering Vegan Meals in Chinese or Any Foreign Language


Pumpkin, Cabbage and Tofu for Lunch in Yulong Village, Yangshuo, China

This guest post was written by Dan Friedman, a guy who lives in New York, misses China, and can order vegan meals in a lot of languages. He also runs More Than Salad, a worldwide directory of vegetarian and vegan restaurants.

I am vegan, and I traveled in China for six months. Such a journey is not without its trials.

Certainly, there are vegetarian restaurants in China. In bigger cities like Shanghai or Beijing, there are many, and out in the sticks or suburbs, you will find one at a Buddhist temple here or there (sometimes a really good one).

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Vegan Japan: Udon Noodles to Bite-Size Temple Food

This guest post is by Marie from the Candy Penny blog. In 2009, Marie traveled extensively through Japan and found many vegan options. This post is a summary of some of her favourite meals. To read more about Marie’s travels, visit Candy Penny.

1.The Unique Find: Gozan Noodle Shop, Kamakura, Japan

Japan 172

Kenchin Udon & Vegetable Soup

Visiting the temples south of Tokyo I stumbled upon the Gozan Noodle Shop. This homey noodle shop that appeared to specialize in ken-chin (vegetarian) style soup. This steaming bowl came with plentiful vegetables and chewy delicious udon noodles.

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Gozan Noodle Shop
1531 Yamanochi
Kamakura, Japan

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