Vegan Delights from Turkey

Turkish Street Food

Turkish Street Food

This guest post was written by Sarah, a passionate vegan who loves to eat and travel. She blogs about her travel at Bliss Vagabond.

Despite what many Turks will tell you, being vegan in Turkey is easy. Yes, Turks love their meat and restaurants tend to serve meat-heavy dishes, but once you know what to look for, staying vegan and staying healthy while traveling the country is a delicious and stress-free undertaking.

First, a few words about what to watch out for. Cooked food, including mercimek çorbası (lentil soup) and pilav (rice) often contain chicken or meat stock. I tend to avoid these as a rule because even when you ask if it’s made with meat stock (“Et suyu var mı?”), your server may not know the answer or may simply tell you what they think you want to hear. Margarine is often used as a butter substitute, but much of the margarine in Turkey is not vegan. Yogurt is generally eaten at every meal, but is often served on the side and is therefore easy to avoid.

Now to the good news: the plethora of delicious and naturally vegan food awaiting you!

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How to Survive (on Tapas) as a Vegan in Granada, Spain


Granada, Spain

This guest post is by Elisa, author of the Vegan Happy blog. She is a vegan who has lived in five different European countries over the last seven years.

Well, after six years of living in Granada, an amazing city in the south of Spain, Andalusia, I would like to offer some tips for vegans. It has taken me a long time to find the right places to eat.

So, here we are…..

First I have to give you some advice: once you are in Granada, it’s really difficult to leave! Believe me! It’s a city of musicians, culture, artists, sun, mountains and good energy….

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Syracuse: Our Last Stop in Sicily

Orgnina di Siracusa

Ortigia - Historical heart of Syracuse

Syracuse (or Siracusa), the city known for its white buildings and Greek architecture, was our last stop in Sicily. We had every intention of going to Palermo but our plans were spoiled when we realized that all of the trains from Syracuse to Palermo and Palermo to Rome were sold out. It was the end of August and the end of holidays for many Italians, so we really shouldn’t have been surprised. Up until this point, we’d been traveling all over Italy, buying train tickets on the day we needed them. We were nearing the date of our departing flight from Italy to Egypt, so we couldn’t be quite so flexible. At the time, we were a bit crushed about missing out on Palermo, a city that everyone raves about. But in retrospect, Syracuse was just the right place to end our Sicilian adventures.

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My Obsession with Sicilian Granita

Vegan Granita


Allow me to introduce my favourite (food) discovery of the year: Granita. You may remember granita was our top pick in the Top 10 Ten Vegan Desserts of 2010 post. We first heard about this frozen treat, which is made from water, sugar and fruit or almonds, when we were in the north of Italy. We saw it from time to time in gelato shops while in Venice and Florence, but waited until we made our way down to Sicily before trying it. In Sicily, you’ll find the best granita in the world (duh, they invented it!). Knowing this, we held out for the good stuff.

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Finding the Elusive Hazelnut Rice Milk Gelato in Taormina, Sicily


Taormina, Sicily, Italy

After a two night stay in Messina, we packed our bags and caught an early train heading towards Acireale, a coastal city in the north-east of Catania, Sicily, Italy. The train tracks kept us close to the sea and time passed quickly as we zipped by beach after beach. About half way between Messina and Acireale is a small town called Taormina. Several people recommended we stop there and take in the famous views. We were traveling with our big backpacks but decided we could stop for the afternoon and stash our luggage in lockers at the train station. Sadly, the lockers were out of order. This meant we had to lug our bags up the cliff. Normally it wouldn’t have been a big deal, especially considering there was a bus to get us most of the way, but it was a super hot day. We sucked it up and made it to the top where there were two special things waiting for us: gorgeous coastal views and some of the best vegan gelato we found all year.

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Learning to Make Fresh Vegan Pasta in Messina, Italy

Homemade Vegan Pasta
Homemade Pasta

We managed to cover a lot of ground during our month in Italy. After traveling south from Padova to Rome, stopping in a bunch of cities along the way, we then took an overnight train from Rome to Sicily. Our first stop was Messina, a small border town. Most people told us to skip it but we wanted to make a quick stop so we could meet Päivi and Santeri, two (newly) vegan nomads who have been traveling since 2004. It was a quick visit but they taught us a valuable lesson: how to make fresh vegan pasta from scratch.

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Vegan Gelato & Sightseeing in Rome, Italy

Il Gelatone

Il Gelatone

We visited Rome from Sermoneta, taking the train in after breakfast and returning in time for dinner. We were so busy walking around Rome, taking in all of the sights and sounds, that we didn’t stop to eat at any of the city’s vegetarian restaurants. We did, however, make a special trip to Il Gelatone for some soy gelato. We went for ice cream not once, but twice…

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First Taste of Truffle, Eating Fruit off Trees & Other Vegan Adventures in Sermoneta, Italy

Curry Dinner and Fragolino

Eating in - Sermoneta, Italy

Before we went to Italy, if I had to guess which city was going to be my favourite, I’d probably have said one of the big, famous places like Rome or Venice. But, as it turns out, one of our favourite stops was in Sermoneta, a small town in the Latina province that’s about 40 minutes from Rome by train.

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Our First Taste of Italian Dining


Le Piccole Vele Resturant

We were two weeks into our Italian getaway before we realized we hadn’t eaten in a single restaurant. With all the veggie restaurants closed for August, we weren’t tempted. We used this time to give our budget a break and cook our own meals. By the time we arrived in Sermoneta, which is about 40 minutes outside of Rome by train, we were ready to treat ourselves. We were delighted when our Couch Surfing host, Martine, suggested we eat at Le Piccole Vele (The Little Sales), a small restaurant located in the Lepini Mountains, just a short drive from Sermoneta. The picture above may not look like much, but it captures the scene. After driving up the mountain, we parked the car and came around a bend to see these lights shining from inside a small house, and smoke coming off the barbecue. We knew we were in for a special meal.

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Vegan Pizza in Italy


We ate a lot of pizza in Italy. Just look! Whenever we found ourselves craving pizza, there was a pizzeria anxious to serve one up. Pizza often seemed like the best option when we were out and about, sight seeing and away from any kitchen. They’re a great choice because they’re cheap, easy to share, and can be taken to a park for a simple picnic lunch.

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