Vegan Delights from Turkey

Turkish Street Food

Turkish Street Food

This guest post was written by Sarah, a passionate vegan who loves to eat and travel. She blogs about her travel at Bliss Vagabond.

Despite what many Turks will tell you, being vegan in Turkey is easy. Yes, Turks love their meat and restaurants tend to serve meat-heavy dishes, but once you know what to look for, staying vegan and staying healthy while traveling the country is a delicious and stress-free undertaking.

First, a few words about what to watch out for. Cooked food, including mercimek çorbası (lentil soup) and pilav (rice) often contain chicken or meat stock. I tend to avoid these as a rule because even when you ask if it’s made with meat stock (“Et suyu var mı?”), your server may not know the answer or may simply tell you what they think you want to hear. Margarine is often used as a butter substitute, but much of the margarine in Turkey is not vegan. Yogurt is generally eaten at every meal, but is often served on the side and is therefore easy to avoid.

Now to the good news: the plethora of delicious and naturally vegan food awaiting you!

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Beyond Fresh Fruit: Snacks Fit for Vegan Travelers in Turkey


Fresh Peach

This guest post is by Heather Nauta from Healthy Vegan Recipes. Heather is a registered holistic nutritionist who teaches you how to live a healthy vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. Visit Healthy Vegan Recipes to check out her vegan travel videos.

The usual snacks for my husband, Phil, and I are fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. These foods are available pretty much everywhere, and we’ve been eating lots of them on the road, including some gigantic peaches. We’ve also found a few more interesting snack ideas for vegans while traveling in Turkey that we wanted to share.

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