Vegan Breakfast in Brazil: Banana Chia Seed Pancake Recipe

Ingredients for a Healthy Vegan Breakfast

Ingredients for a Healthy Vegan Breakfast

This guest post was written by Claude from the Abrams Family World Travel Blog. Claude and his wife have been traveling around the world with their four year old son and are now expecting their second child. If they can travel the world as a family of vegans, so can you!

Inevitably, when travelling for long periods as a family, as we do, you will reach remote regions where obtaining your favourite foods and ingredients are more challenging.

We are in such a place right now – living in an eco village on Brazil’s Bahia coastline close to Itacare. To get supplies, we have to walk 6km along the beach, take a canoe across a river and then walk some more into town. We don’t have a blender either or any of our favourite kitchen appliances.

Yet even in a place such as this, we can make satisfying vegan meals. Our breakfast favourite is vegan banana and chia seed pancakes.

So long as you have access to these basic ingredients and a good non-stick frying pan, these pancakes will give you a satisfying and nourishing start to the day. Chia seeds are exceptionally high in omegas, minerals and protein.

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Stop in Porto Alegre, Brazil to Dine at Cafe Bonobo

Cafe Bonobo

Cafe Bonobo

Since 2001, Shannon Wu has been a vegan backpacker travelling throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe. To get a taste for what it’s like to live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, check out her blog at

Shannon recently visited Brazil and enjoyed a meal at Cafe Bonobo. After reading her post, I’m sad I missed the chance to eat there while in Brazil. We even made it to the Porto Alegre bus station!! So close, but so far away…

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Top 5 Vegan Restaurant Meals in South America


Top 5 Vegan Meals in South America

We’re back from South America! We’ve had a few days to enjoy all of the luxuries of Canada but are just about to repack our bags and continue our travels. Next stop is New York City. We are there for a week before we fly off to Dublin, Ireland. It’s been great to catch up with family and friends. As we’ve shared our stories, we’ve noticed the same questions keep coming up, “Which country was your favourite? Which city? Where would you recommend?” For the most part, no one, except our vegan friends, is very interested in what we ate. But this is a vegan food blog and we’re hoping our readers are. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favourite vegan restaurant meals in South America.

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Animal Portraits by John


Sheep, San Ignacio Mini, Argentina

We’ve are currently traveling through a string of small towns in Northern Argentina. For the first time, we are having a bit of trouble finding decent food (more on this later). While the food might be disappointing, the scenery and animals are beautiful. John has been taking lots of great photos. Here are a few of my favourites. To see more, check out his flickr.

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Dinner for Five at Vegetariano Social Clube, Rio de Janeiro

Vegetariano Social Club

Vegetariano Social Clube, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

We arrived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with just enough time to catch the end of the carnival celebrations. We packed a lot of activities into our five-day visit. Time zoomed by and before we knew it, we were leaving Rio having only eaten at one vegetarian restaurant. Initially, we’d planned to eat at Universo Organico. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it there before closing. Instead, we headed over to the nearby Vegetariano Social Clube, an all vegan restaurant with a diverse menu.

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Vegan Sweets and Treats in Brazil

Vida Restaurante Natural

Candy @ Vida Restaurante Natural, Florianopolis, Brazil

It feels ironic to be writing this post today. We’re back in Argentina, visiting the small town of San Ignacio Mini. Forget the idea of finding vegan treats here, the fruit and vegetable selection is limited. On our first night, John and I split a package of flax seed crackers for dinner. The previous night, while visiting Iguazu Falls, we had Subway vegetarian subs. When pickins are slim, we make do. When good vegan food is within reach, we seek it out and enjoy every bite. This post is all about the high times, finding amazing vegan treats in the land of Brazil.

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Vegan Options at Pay Per Kilo Restaurants in Brazil

Vegan Picks @ Fronteira Buffet

Vegan Options at Fronteira Buffet, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Pay per kilo restaurants are everywhere in Brazil. They’re very popular and well known for being cheap and quick. We ate at four pay per kilo buffets while visiting Rio de Janeiro and Florianópolis. We found there was always a lot of variety and enough vegan options to keep us happy.

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Vegan Indian Food at Charutu’s in Florianópolis, Brazil

Pita and Hummus

Hummus and Pita Bread

The last time I had hummus I was in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It wasn’t homemade or freshly prepared. It was hummus in a jar. I only needed to try one bite to confirm my suspicion that hummus in a jar isn’t a good idea. Tahini is expensive in South America and not readily available, making fresh hummus hard to come by. In Florianópolis, we found Chårütü’s, a restaurant that serves up Indian, Arabic, Caribbean, Mexican and vegetarian food. They’re not a vegetarian restaurant but their menu includes vegan-friendly samosas, falafel, salads and a variety of delicious dips.

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Fantastic Fruit in Florianópolis, Brazil

Portunhol Hostel Breakfast

Florianópolis Fruit

After leaving Punta del Diablo, Uruguay, we took five buses and traveled almost 24 hours before reaching Florianópolis, Brazil. Over the course of three short days we had a chance to visit some of the island’s 42 beaches, sand surf, drink lots of Brazilian caipirinhas and participate in some of the carnival street parties. We had no problem finding vegan food near our hostel in Barra da Lagoa. We ate at a few restaurants but the highlight was the abundance of local fruit.

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