Blenders and BBQs in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay

Bday breakfast

Vegan Breakfast

We just spent four days in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay, a small fishing village with great beaches and a bohemian atmosphere. After spending the first night in a hostel, we realized we could stay in a private cabaña for almost the same price.

When we checked into our first cabaña, I screamed with joy when I saw we had a blender. We were able to make homemade smoothies for the first time since we started this trip. Using the local fruit that was available, we blended up an orange, mango, nectarine, pear and apple smoothie. Yum! Paired with whole wheat toast and peanut butter, it was the perfect birthday breakfast.

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Vegan Hostel Eats in Punta del Este

If you search for Punta del Este, Uruguay on HappyCow, you’ll find there are no listings for vegan or vegetarian restaurants. Zero. Usually every city has one, or at least a health food store. You’d think there would be a juice or smoothie bar to serve a community where the main sport is strutting in your swimsuit. No such luck.

1949 Hostel Breakfast

1949 Hostel Breakfast

Having no appealing restaurant options, we opted for cooking all of our meals at the hostel. We stayed at Hostel 1949, where we had access to a well equipped kitchen.

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Vegan for a Day in Montevideo

Fruit salad and tea

Fruit cup

When we arrived in Montevideo, Uruguay at 6:00 a.m., we decided to grab some breakfast at the bus station. Settling for what was available, we split a fruit cup and some toast, which we smeared with peanut butter we carried with us from Buenos Aires. When traveling in South America, you may see people spreading what looks like peanut butter on toast but don’t be fooled. It’s dulce de letche, the super popular caramel-like spread that’s made from sweetened milk. I’ve heard rumours that there’s a soy milk version out there somewhere and am keeping an eye out for it. In the meantime, we will be carrying our sacred jar of peanut butter with us.

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