Top 5 Vegan Meals in South America

We’re back from South America! We’ve had a few days to enjoy all of the luxuries of Canada but are just about to repack our bags and continue our travels. Next stop is New York City. We are there for a week before we fly off to Dublin, Ireland. It’s been great to catch up with family and friends. As we’ve shared our stories, we’ve noticed the same questions keep coming up, “Which country was your favourite? Which city? Where would you recommend?” For the most part, no one, except our vegan friends, is very interested in what we ate. But this is a vegan food blog and we’re hoping our readers are. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favourite vegan restaurant meals in South America.

1. AlmaZen, Lima, Peru

el AlmaZen

Alma Zen, Lima, Peru

AlmaZen nabs first place for their amazing food, atmosphere and attitude. They put so much love into their restaurant and it shows. Their dishes are simple but their ingredients are extraordinary.

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Recavarren 298
Miraflores, Lima, Peru
Tel: 243-0474

2. Casa Felix, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cream of corn tulip

Casa Felix, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Casa Felix’s five course vegan tasting menu impressed us with it’s local influence and fresh, organic ingredients. They offer an experience, more so than a meal, and it’s a fantastic one.

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Casa Felix
Palermo Hollywood
Tel: 4555-1882

3. Entre Indyas, Salta, Argentina

So much more than vegetables and rice

Entre Indyas, Salta, Argentina

Entre Indyas won us over with their simple sounding dishes that were actually elaborate creations. Each one was packed with a variety of vegetables, herbs and homemade sauces, making every bite unique.

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Entre Indyas
Buenos Aires 44
Salta, Argentina
Tel: 54-387-4743879

4. Buenos Aires Verde, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Raw Crepe

Buenos Aires Verde was one of the few restaurants we found that offered raw food options. Knowing these can be hit or miss, we were delighted to find they took a creative approach with delicious results. Their unique ideas and flavours made for memorable meals.

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Buenos Aires Verde
Gorriti 5657
Palermo Hollywood
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel: 4775-9594

5. Namás Té, La Paz, Bolivia

Vegan Empanadas

Namaste, La Paz, Bolivia

Namás Té makes lunch into the most exciting meal of the day, offering customers four course specials. The delicious food, combined with their relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff, made us wish we had more opportunities to dine with them.

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Namás Té
Zoila Flores 1334 (at Colombia and Almirante Grau)
La Paz, Bolivia
Tel: 248-1401