Kardea Nutrition Bar Giveaway – Closed

Kardea Nutrition Bar

Nutrition bars are one of the easiest and best snacks for vegans, especially traveling vegans. They’re light, easy to pack and can have a lot of nutritional value. When we travel short term, we always pack bars for flights, walks and bus rides. For our year long adventure, we’ve had to buy bars as we go. We can’t be picky about the brand because our options are often limited. However, we always look for vegan bars with a good source of protein and interesting flavours.

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Enjoying the Abundance of Food at Cornucopia in Dublin, Ireland


Cornucopia, Dublin, Ireland

Before visiting Dublin, Ireland, I asked several people for restaurant recommendations and kept hearing the same thing again, and again: “You have to eat at Cornucopia.” Dublin has a few vegetarian restaurants, none are 100% vegan, but this one stood out to most locals and recent visitors as being the best of the bunch. On one of our first days in the city, we headed there for lunch and met up with Glauce from the All About (Vegan) Food blog.

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Cheap Takeout and Crazy Pancake Dessert at 222 in London, UK

222 Veggie Vegan

222 Veggie Vegan Restaurant, London, UK

On one of our last days in London, we reflected on our list of things to do, see and eat. We found one important item unchecked. We hadn’t taken the long tube ride out to west London to eat at the 222 Veggie Vegan Restaurant. I’d read a bit about it online, including posts by Quarry Girl and Vegan in Brighton, and really wanted visit and try their crazy looking pancake dessert.

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Our Bangin’ Vegan Brunch at Manna in London, UK

Organic Bangers and Mash

Organic Bangers and Mash at Manna, London, UK

London vegans may seem like they have it all but there is one department where I found them to be lacking: vegan brunch. I did a little investigating online and found less than a handful of the many vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the city offering brunch on the weekends. One weekend, John was begging me to find him a good brunch so I took him to Manna, a fancy vegan restaurant in Primrose Hill. Technically, they serve lunch on the weekends. Luckily, they had one very brunch appropriate and delicious sounding dish on their menu: organic bangers and mash.

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Food, Culture & The Challenge of Eating Vegan in South Africa

Kenya: Fruits and Vegetables for Sale at Market in Samburu

This guest post is by Danielle Nierenberg from the Border Jumpers blog. Danielle is a senior researcher at the Worldwatch Institute and co-director for their Nourishing the Planet project. Visit Border Jumpers and learn how to make two traditional South African vegan recipes.

Before Bernard Pollack, my travel partner, and I left on our year-long trip across Africa, many of our friends and family asked “how are you going to be vegetarian or vegan in Africa? There’s nothing for you to eat there.” A few months later, over a mushy bowl of nshima—a kind of maize porridge and a staple food in both Zambia and Malawi—I looked at Bernard and smiled. Nshima’s definitely not the most attractive looking food, but it’s a tasty vegan dish that’s similar to mashed potatoes and often served with pumpkin leaves, which are a bit like collard greens, as well as cabbage and carrots.

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Coconut Bliss Giveaway: And the Winner is…

Congratulations to Amanda Carson! She has won five free pints of Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss ice cream.

Thank you to everyone who entered. We had over 250 comments and lots of activity on Twitter and Facebook. We really appreciate your support and interest.

We will have another giveaway soon so please keep checking back.

Life is Sweet for Vegans in London

Rock 'n' Roll Cones by Tofutti

Rock 'n' Roll Cones by Tofutti

We spent two weeks in London, which sounds like a long time but it went really, really fast. Almost everyday, we discovered vegan treats we’d never come across before. It got to the point where we could no longer buy every new and interesting thing we saw, we had to exercise some willpower to save our budget and waistlines. One of our best finds, in my opinion, was the Rock ‘n’ Roll cones by Tofutti. In Canada, we have a similar treat called Drumsticks made by Nestlé. As an omni kid, I loved eating these in the summer. It was a cold and rainy day when we found the Tofutti cones at the Holland & Barrett near Camden market, selling for about £4.00 GBP ($5.86 USD) for a box of four, but we enjoyed them all the same. This was only one of many sweet things we found in London. Those London vegans sure are lucky!

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Vegan Lunch for Less Than £5.00 at Vitao in London, UK


Vitao, London, UK

After a morning of touring London, seeing Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and Saint Jame’s Park, we’d worked up an appetite. We headed to Vitao for a cheap and healthy lunch. Everything they serve is vegan, and most of it’s organic.

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Ms. Cupcake & Vegan Finds at Greenwich Market in London, UK

Ms. Cupcake

Ms. Cupcake, Greenwich Market, London, UK

After stopping by Vx, home to the Secret Society of Vegans, and trying one of Ms. Cupcake‘s whoopie pies with strawberry filling, we knew we had to meet this special lady in person. On a Friday afternoon, we made our way to London’s Greenwich Market and did just that. We found Ms. Cupcake smiling behind a table of her colourful creations. We were delighted to discover she was as charming and as sweet as her cupcakes.

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Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss Giveaway – Closed

When you travel, what vegan comfort foods do you miss? For me, vegan ice cream is a big one. From January to April, while we were backpacking in South America, we didn’t find any vegan ice cream. Not one scoop. On really warm days, I often thought back to being in Canada and enjoying a bowl of ice cream on the balcony. Now that we’re in Europe, we’re finding frozen desserts once in awhile. However, most have been made with soy, which tends to hurt my tummy. My favourite vegan frozen desserts are made with coconut.

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