Soup, Salad and Sweets at Hibiscus in Toronto, Ontario


Hibiscus, Toronto, Ontario

For the last few years, I’ve managed to visit Toronto, Ontario at least two or three times per year. I’ll jump at almost any chance to go, knowing I can see family and eat at some of the city’s great vegan and vegetarian restaurants. There are a lot of restaurants to choose from but I always find myself returning to the same places again, and again. This time, I wanted to scope out somewhere new. I decided on Hibiscus, a small restaurant in the Kensington market. Their menu is vegetarian with lots of vegan and gluten free options. Their primary offerings are daily salad and soup specials, as well as crepes and baked goodies. I don’t understand how they have been around for four years and I’m just discovering them now. I was totally missing out!

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Top 5 Vegan Restaurant Meals in South America


Top 5 Vegan Meals in South America

We’re back from South America! We’ve had a few days to enjoy all of the luxuries of Canada but are just about to repack our bags and continue our travels. Next stop is New York City. We are there for a week before we fly off to Dublin, Ireland. It’s been great to catch up with family and friends. As we’ve shared our stories, we’ve noticed the same questions keep coming up, “Which country was your favourite? Which city? Where would you recommend?” For the most part, no one, except our vegan friends, is very interested in what we ate. But this is a vegan food blog and we’re hoping our readers are. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favourite vegan restaurant meals in South America.

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Vegan Airport Adventures: Lima, Peru

LIM Airport

LIM Airport in Lima, Peru

I like airports. If I’m in an airport, it means I’m going somewhere. I like going places. I also like airport food. Whenever I’m in a new airport, I check out all of the little stores and restaurants, searching for vegan options. Even if I’m not hungry or have no money to spend, I just like to see what’s available. When I find something vegan, especially something cool that’s vegan, I get so excited. Beyond vegetable sushi, cheeseless pizza and Starbuck’s soy lattes, I’ve found Alternative Banking Company cookies (San Fransisco) and NuGo Bars (Miami).

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Last Day to Eat in South America

Makings for a fruit smoothie

Fruit for Smoothie

Our last day in South America came faster than we ever thought it would. Before we knew it, we were having our last smoothie. It was a good one though, with pineapple, mango, maracuya (passion fruit), banana and lucuma powder. Yum!

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Beautiful & Organic Vegan Food at Alma Zen in Lima, Peru


AlmaZen, Lima Peru

Our time in Lima, Peru was limited. We only had three days and two nights in the city. With our travel funds for the month running low, we decided to only eat at one restaurant. We didn’t take this choice lightly. For advice, we turned to the trusty internet and read some reviews. After eating at AlmaZen, I can tell you it’s no surprise they’re the fan favourite in Lima. Thanks to them, our last restaurant meal in South America was the best yet

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Vegan Chocolate, Homemade Soy Goods and Other Sweet Finds in Cusco, Peru

Coca Chocolate

Coca Shop Chocolate

I’ve posted about eating at Pita, Prasada and Comedor Vegetariano in Cusco, Peru, but haven’t shared any news about the goods we consumed between meals. One of our favourite finds was the Coca Shop, where they make artisan chocolate that, like all good chocolate should be, is free of dairy. They have an amazing variety of flavours, and are very generous with their free samples. Some of our favourite kinds where lĂșcuma, maca and, the classic, coca. They were so good, we couldn’t resist bringing some back for our family.

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Finding Your Juice Lady

Juice Lady

Juice Lady, Cusco, Peru

In South America, wherever fruit and vegetables are in abundance, juice ladies are lining the streets and markets. We recognized this phenomenon in Brazil and Bolivia, making sure to take advantage of the cheap and delicious liquid meals whenever we had a chance. When we arrived in Cusco, Peru, we were happy to see the rows of juice ladies, peaking out from behind their towers of fruit. They were calling out to us and waving newspapers in our direction. All of them vying for our juice dollars. When the juice ladies see a new customer, the battle is on. They know they only have once chance. Once you choose your juice lady, you’ll always be true to her blender.

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Vegan Adventures at Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

We were one of the first groups to see Machu Picchu after it reopened to the public at the beginning of April. It had been closed since January due to floods that wiped out the train link from Cusco. We were lucky our South America backpacking route ended in Peru, leaving us with just enough time to see the ancient mountaintop city.

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Our Little Vegan Potluck in Cusco, Peru

Vegan Potluck

Vegan Potluck in Cusco, Peru

I love vegan potlucks. It’s always a lot of fun to get together with friends and community members to share food, recipes and ideas. For the first time since leaving our apartment in Buenos Aires, we had access to a well equipped kitchen and enough ingredients to make some interesting dishes for a potluck. All credit goes to our friends and travel mates, Dan and Calina, authors of the Flock Together blog, who had the idea and hosted the potluck. It turned out to be a great success, attracting 10 people and lots of great food.

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The Window to Vegan Food: Prasada in Cusco, Peru


Prasada, Cusco, Peru

It was really hard to leave Cusco, Peru. We’d got into a daily routine, found our favourite lunch spots, were taking classes at a great yoga studio, and making new friends. Lunch was often a highlight of the day. John would take a break from work and we’d meet up with friends for a chat and enjoy some delicious food. We usually found ourselves choosing between two nearby options: Comedor Vegetariano or Prasada, a small vegetarian takeout joint with yummy food, low prices and friendly staff.

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