Traditional Egyptian Food Made Vegan

VGML Egypt Air Rome to Cairo on August 30, 2010

VGML on Flight from Rome to Cairo

Are you ready for Egypt!? We certainly weren’t. Going from Italy to Egypt was one hell of a culture shock. After just a few hours in the sky, we landed in a country where everything was totally different, especially the food and people.

We flew with Egypt Air from Rome to Cairo. We ordered special vegan meals (VGML) when we made our online booking and called two days before to make sure they had received our request. When the meals were passed around, the staff knew to give us the veggie option. Our meals came with the little VGML cards but I’m not very confident that everything on the tray was actually vegan. There was no problem with the fruit salad, corn salad, rye bread or box of dates. The potential intruder was the ravioli, which had a mystery stuffing that none of the staff could identify. It could have been potato, tofu or cheese. And who knows what the pasta was made of. I’m dorky enough that I tried emailing Egypt Air customer service. The email address bounced back, saying the address was invalid. Ironically, their email for customer questions is [email protected] I also tried contacting them through Twitter. My question was ignored. Oh well, I guess we’ll never know.

Let’s not dwell on that though. Today I want to share some pictures of the homemade meals we enjoyed while in Cairo.

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Vegan Tips & Trips: January 2011

Welcome to the January edition of Tips & Trips, a roundup of vegan travel tips and blog posts by vegans who have recently traveled and documented their food finds. If you have some tips or want to submit a link, please contact us.

Vegan Travel Tips

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How to Survive (on Tapas) as a Vegan in Granada, Spain


Granada, Spain

This guest post is by Elisa, author of the Vegan Happy blog. She is a vegan who has lived in five different European countries over the last seven years.

Well, after six years of living in Granada, an amazing city in the south of Spain, Andalusia, I would like to offer some tips for vegans. It has taken me a long time to find the right places to eat.

So, here we are…..

First I have to give you some advice: once you are in Granada, it’s really difficult to leave! Believe me! It’s a city of musicians, culture, artists, sun, mountains and good energy….

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Syracuse: Our Last Stop in Sicily

Orgnina di Siracusa

Ortigia - Historical heart of Syracuse

Syracuse (or Siracusa), the city known for its white buildings and Greek architecture, was our last stop in Sicily. We had every intention of going to Palermo but our plans were spoiled when we realized that all of the trains from Syracuse to Palermo and Palermo to Rome were sold out. It was the end of August and the end of holidays for many Italians, so we really shouldn’t have been surprised. Up until this point, we’d been traveling all over Italy, buying train tickets on the day we needed them. We were nearing the date of our departing flight from Italy to Egypt, so we couldn’t be quite so flexible. At the time, we were a bit crushed about missing out on Palermo, a city that everyone raves about. But in retrospect, Syracuse was just the right place to end our Sicilian adventures.

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Advice from a Raw Vegan Travel Expert


Travel Blender

This guest post was written by Robyn from the Girl on Raw blog. Robyn is a raw chef and former Australian International Flight Attendant who is studying Clinical Nutrition and specializing in Raw & Vegan Food. She shares her healthy eating tips through her website.

A lot of people ask me how I maintain my healthy diet with the amount of travel I do. Let me tell you, it wasn’t always easy. As a flight attendant for both commercial and private airlines, living in hotels, on planes and out of suitcases for the majority of the year, you begin to learn tricks to keep healthy and stay on track. Believe it or not, it actually becomes quite fun and even second nature after a while.

It doesn’t have to be a chore! There are some hints and or tips you can use to stick to a high raw vegan diet while on the road, wherever in the world you are. And I’m here to share a few of the things I’ve learned over the years.

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At Home: Reunited with My Kitchen & Friends


Our Kitchen

Recently, I’ve been blogging about our time in Italy. My impression is that some readers still think I’m there. It may come as a bit of a surprise but we’re actually back in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada where there is snow on the ground (it’s -25°C today) and weekends are for laundry and going skating on the Rideau Canal. We’ve gone around the world and made it back to home. The Italian adventures you’ve been reading about happened about five months ago. Yep, I’m way behind. It’s going to take me awhile to finish writing about our 2010 travels. I still have to cover Egypt, India, Canada and the US.

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to start a Vegan Backpacker At Home feature, where I blog about what I’m doing (eating) now. This is the first one, so let me know if you like the idea…

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My Obsession with Sicilian Granita

Vegan Granita


Allow me to introduce my favourite (food) discovery of the year: Granita. You may remember granita was our top pick in the Top 10 Ten Vegan Desserts of 2010 post. We first heard about this frozen treat, which is made from water, sugar and fruit or almonds, when we were in the north of Italy. We saw it from time to time in gelato shops while in Venice and Florence, but waited until we made our way down to Sicily before trying it. In Sicily, you’ll find the best granita in the world (duh, they invented it!). Knowing this, we held out for the good stuff.

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Primal Strips Giveaway – Three Winners! – Closed

Primal Strips

Primal Strips

Are you looking for a tasty vegan travel snack that’s light, compact, low in calories and high in protein? Maybe you don’t know it yet, but you’re looking for Primal Strips meatless vegan jerky! For your next trip, bring along some Primal Strips to satisfy cravings in between meals. They make for great snacks anytime of the day, whether you’re on the hiking trail or mid flight searching for something other than roasted & salted nuts. We like Primal Strips so much, we’re partnering with the company to give THREE lucky readers a 24 piece variety box. Like us, the winners will get to sample all the flavors and figure out which ones they like best. And there’s lots to choose from…

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Say Aloha to Vegan Options in Maui, Hawaii


This guest post was written by Sally Tinker Smith, a vegetable gardener who is very much in love with her husband and the sweet simplicity of their life. She blogs about her garden, vegan food and her travels at Home Sweet Orange.

As soon as I breathe in the moist, rich smell of fresh air, my body begins to unfold and adjust to island-time.  I live in San Diego, so beautiful beaches are not the main draw, it’s the amazing tropical fruit that brings me back to the Hawaiian islands.

Having been to Kauai, one of Hawaii’s islands, many times, we decided to explore Maui this time around.  A comedy of errors surrounding our condo reservation led us away from the pavement of Kihei, and up to the rainy and gorgeous north side of Maui.  There’s a lot to love about Haiku, one of Maui’s most beautiful communities.

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Finding the Elusive Hazelnut Rice Milk Gelato in Taormina, Sicily


Taormina, Sicily, Italy

After a two night stay in Messina, we packed our bags and caught an early train heading towards Acireale, a coastal city in the north-east of Catania, Sicily, Italy. The train tracks kept us close to the sea and time passed quickly as we zipped by beach after beach. About half way between Messina and Acireale is a small town called Taormina. Several people recommended we stop there and take in the famous views. We were traveling with our big backpacks but decided we could stop for the afternoon and stash our luggage in lockers at the train station. Sadly, the lockers were out of order. This meant we had to lug our bags up the cliff. Normally it wouldn’t have been a big deal, especially considering there was a bus to get us most of the way, but it was a super hot day. We sucked it up and made it to the top where there were two special things waiting for us: gorgeous coastal views and some of the best vegan gelato we found all year.

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