Sweet Vegan Finds in Florence, Italy

Vegan Hazelnut and Chocolate Ice Cream by Coop

Coop Bene.si Chocolate and Hazelnut Gelato

Remember in my first post about Florence, when I said our Couch Surfing host, Helena, had a sweet tooth? Yea, well I wasn’t kidding. On our second night, she brought home a huge bag of her favourite vegan treats for us to sample. How generous! She started us off with some cacao e nocciola, chocolate and hazelnut, gelato from the Coop Bene.sì line, which, according to their website, is “a line of products with specific nutritional characteristics, capable of performing a particular function beneficial to the body.” Ice cream that’s good for your body? Sure, I’ll take it.

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More Vegan Pizza & Ice Cream in Florence, Italy

Vegan Fig and Peach Gelato at Perche No!

Fig and Peach Gelato from Perche No!

Italians love their food, and so do tourists visiting Italy. If Florence wasn’t totally jam packed with beautiful outdoor sculptures, buzzing piazzas (squares), river views, famous museums and churches, we would have probably eaten the city out of ice cream and pizza. Despite the welcomed distractions, we managed to make a good dent. Our Couch Surfing host was vegan, and had a real sweet tooth. As soon as we arrived in the city, she directed us to her favourite ice cream parlor, Perche No!. I’m known for choosing soy milk gelato, for the creaminess, but on this rare occasion opted for a scoop of fruity fig and peach, because you just don’t see these flavours everyday. They were fresh, light and oh so satisfying.

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Pure Bar Giveaway: Three Boxes to Win! – Closed


Us vegans are always packing snacks when we travel. That’s just what we do. One of my favoruite things to pack, because they’re just so darn easy to store and eat, are vegan bars. I have my favourite brands but am always willing to try new varieties. That’s why I was so excited to receive a sample box of Pure Bars.

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Closed for August, See you in September – Bologna, Italy

Stefino Vegan Ice Cream Shop

Stefino Veg

It wasn’t until we arrived in Bologna that we realized Italy really is closed in August. Our first hint was when a Couch Surfer wrote to us asking why we were coming in August when everyone is out of town on holidays, tourists fill the streets, and many of the shops and restaurants close their doors for the month. Well, we certainly didn’t plan for it. The reality of the situation came crashing down when we arrived at Stefino Veg, an all vegan ice cream parlor, only to find the door closed and a small sign saying the staff would be on holidays from August 6 to 18.

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Interview with One Green Planet

We recently did an interview with One Green Planet. Check it out here.

I answer questions like…

What do you do when you can’t find vegan food? Please give our readers some easy tips for grocery shopping.

Has being vegan ever prevented you from experiencing a particular culture where non-vegan food is a crucial part of the daily life?

What are some of the carry on foods and snacks you pack along during your travels?

Our Introduction to Italian Life, Food & Drinks Starts in Padova

Spritz and ValSoia Chocolate Orange Cinnamon Drink

Spritz, Crisps and Orange Cinnamon Chocolate Shake

In my post about Venice, I mentioned that we didn’t stay in the city but took the train from Padova. The Couch Surfing hosts in Venice are pretty maxed out with requests. Some will host you but in exchange for meeting their crazy demands, like entering into a video taped wrestling match. Seriously. Given this, we were very happy to have found a friendly host in nearby Padova who was eager to show us the city, share home cooked vegan meals, and introduce us to a variety of Italian beverages.

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I Went to Venice and Ate Falafel


Falafel in Venice

Falafel…in Venice?!? It’s sad, I know. But what else were two budgeting vegans to do? There are no vegetarian restaurants in Venice, a city that feels more like a theme park than a place where people live. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful, if not magical, city and a great place to get lost for a day or two. There are expensive tourist restaurants where we could have found pasta with tomato sauce, pizza without cheese or a salad, but we decided against that route. Instead, we ate breakfast before commuting to Venice from Padova, and returned home for dinner.

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Vegan Tips & Trips: October

Welcome to the October edition of Tips & Trips, a roundup of vegan travel tips and blog posts by vegans who have recently traveled and documented their food finds. If you have some tips or want to submit a link, please contact us.

Vegan Travel Tips

Vegan Travel Bloggers

Checkin’ Out the Vegan Restaurant Scene in Prague, Czech Republic

Country Life

Country Life

Earlier this week I wrote about all of the vegan products we were able to find in Prague’s organic shops and health food stores. Today’s post is all about the restaurants. Well, not all of Prague’s veggie restaurants. Just a couple we managed to dine at during our three day visit. Oh, and one ice cream shop, just for good measure.

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Tips for Ordering Vegan Meals in Chinese or Any Foreign Language


Pumpkin, Cabbage and Tofu for Lunch in Yulong Village, Yangshuo, China

This guest post was written by Dan Friedman, a guy who lives in New York, misses China, and can order vegan meals in a lot of languages. He also runs More Than Salad, a worldwide directory of vegetarian and vegan restaurants.

I am vegan, and I traveled in China for six months. Such a journey is not without its trials.

Certainly, there are vegetarian restaurants in China. In bigger cities like Shanghai or Beijing, there are many, and out in the sticks or suburbs, you will find one at a Buddhist temple here or there (sometimes a really good one).

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