Viva Granola Giveaway: And the Winner is…

Sorry for the delay! We’re in India and internet access is limited.

Congratulations to Emma! She is the winner of our Viva Granola giveaway.

A big thank you to Viva Granola and everyone who entered and promoted the giveaway. Thank you!!!

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Vegan Baked Goods in Berlin: Cupcakes & Pie, Oh My!

Cupcake Berlin Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Frosting and Coconut Flakes

Vegan Vanilla Cupcake with Strawberry Frosting from Cupcake Berlin

It’s been a few days since I’ve brought you a sugar-coma-inducing blog post. I know my review of vegan ice cream options in Berlin was a lot to handle. I’m hoping you’ve all recovered and are ready to take a look at some of the vegan baked goods Berlin has to offer.

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NOW CLOSED – Hans Wurst Organic Vegan Restaurant in Berlin

Hans Wurst Vegan Sunday Brunch

Hans Wurst Sunday Brunch

Please note: Hans Wurst has closed as of January 2011.

Before arriving in Berlin I asked a lot of people for restaurant recommendations and everyone suggested I check out Hans Wurst. The restaurant serves organic vegan food and has an interesting menu with a mix of seasonal specials and standard items like salads, burgers and pizza. I ate there twice, once for brunch and once for dinner.

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Viva Granola $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway – Open Worldwide

I’m really excited to announce this giveaway for a $25.00 gift certificate to Viva Granola, a Canadian vegan store that ships worldwide. They have a large selection of vegan items, including cooking supplies, sweets, meat alternatives, cosmetics, skin and body care products, supplements, clothing, accessories, books and more. They sell some really cool products that I’ve had the chance to sample during my travels, including popular vegan goodies by Whizzers, Go Max Go, Sweet and Sara, Primal Strips and Field Roast. They even sell the condensed soy milk I found in Brazil!

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Veni Vidi Vegi: Berlin’s All Vegan Store

Veni Vidi Vegi - All Vegan Store

Veni Vidi Vegi, Berlin, Germany

If you haven’t caught on yet, I’ll tell you straight up that Berlin is a very vegan-friendly city. In addition to all of the restaurants, cafes and fast food joints serving up vegan food, there are a lot of bio shops and regular supermarkets that have a great selection of vegan items you can buy to make meals at home. Another place worth checking out, although you may have to make a special trip to get there, is Veni Vidi Vegi. It’s an all vegan store with a whole lot of vegan food, books, shoes and clothing packed into one small shop.

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Lunch Time at Maja’s Deli in Berlin

Holy Cow it's Vegan!

Maja's Deli: Holy cow, it's vegan!

Maja’s Deli is one of the few restaurants in Berlin that falls somewhere between fast food and fancy. It’s pretty causal, but has a really nice atmosphere, healthy dishes, and affordable prices.

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A Fancy Vegan Dinner at La Mano Verde in Berlin

La Mano Verde

La Mano Verde

Berlin is full of fast food options but there are only a small number of restaurants where vegans can go if they have something to celebrate and want to enjoy a fancy meal in a posh environment. We had an anniversary while in Berlin and decided to make reservations at La Mano Verde.

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Vegan Tips & Trips: August

Welcome to the August edition of Tips & Trips, a roundup of vegan travel tips and blog posts by vegans who have recently traveled and documented their food finds. If you have some tips or want to submit a link, please contact us.

Vegan Travel Tips

Vegan Travel Bloggers

  • Airport lunchVegans who are frequently traveling for work will be able to relate to this consultant who has started a blog to document a three month challenge to eat vegan while staying in hotels and traveling from city to city on business.
  • Te Araroa On Veg is another new vegan travel blog. Starting in November, this brave vegan will set off on the Te Araroa track, a long-distance tramping track in New Zealand that covers around 3000 km and will take him about five to six months to complete.
  • The Urban Housewife recently moved to Vienna and has given us a peak into her new neighborhood. I’m sure the Vienna food posts are just around the corner. In the meantime, she recapped a recent trip to LA and highlighted some of her favourite places to dine in San Francisco.
  • For more on San Fran, you can check out The Lazy Smurf‘s post about eating at Cinnaholic and Gracias Madre. She’s also has lots of food photos from her visits to Huston, Santa Cruz, and Milwaukee.

Anti-Commercial Vegan Cafe Sundays with Fika Berlin

Berlin Fika Vegan Cake Event

Fika Berlin

Wanna hear a cool idea? Wouldn’t it be fun to start a monthly meet up where a bunch of people make vegan cakes and get together on a Sunday to eat cake, have a coffee or tea, chat and relax? It’s simple but just so perfect. In Berlin, there is a monthly event called Fika Berlin that brings together a group of people who want to enjoy all of these simple pleasures without all of the commercialization.

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Vegan Fast Food in Berlin: Quick Meals Under €7.00

Voner Sandwich and Special Chips

Special Chips and Vöner Sandwich

If you’re a fan of vegan fast food, get yourself to Berlin pronto. There are lots of vegan takeout places, but just a handful of fancy and casual places where you can sit down and enjoy a meal. Personally, I don’t really like typical fast food. Mock meat products made with soy don’t get me very excited. But sometimes, eating a big, greasy meal can be a nice treat. John, on the other hand, loves this kind of stuff. I owe him a big thank you for helping me eat my way through Berlin’s vegan fast food scene. If you’re like me and prefer to eat healthy meals most of the time, you’ll be happy to know it’s not all burgers and pizza. Berlin also has some semi-healthy takeout options for you and me.

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