bBlue Deli and Natural Bar

bBlue is a natural deli and juice bar located in the heart of the Palermo Soho neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. We came across bBlue while exploring the area and were immediately drawn in. We didn’t know we were hungry or thirsty until we saw people through the window sipping on big, brightly coloured smoothies and enjoying plates with generous side salads.

When we first sat down, the plan was to just order smoothies. We’ve been living without a blender for the last month and decided it was finally time to treat ourselves to an old favourite. However, after finding a vegan dish on the menu that required zero alterations, we decided we better try that too.

bBlue AMAZING Smoothies!

Smoothies from bBlue

bBlue has an extensive, but not overwhelming, juice and smoothie menu with lots of interesting fruit and vegetable blends. We choose the Dinamo, a brilliant combo of passion fruit, lime, Mascavo sugar and maca, as well as the Despertador, a mix of berries, orange, coconut milk and wheat grass. They were amazing. An injection of foamy, fresh bliss. They were also gigantic. I often find juice bars and smoothie joints skimp on the portions or use filler ingredients. Not bBlue, their smoothies are all natural. At 16 pesos ($4.20 USD) each, they are worth every cent.

bBlue Thai Wok

Thai wok from bBlue

Amongst meat sandwiches and salads with cheese, bBlue’s menu has a Thai wok that’s totally vegan. Kudos to them for that! The Thai wok, a mix of broccoli, french beans, tofu, soy sauce, ginger, sprouts, sesame and toasted sunflower seeds, was exactly what it promised but nothing more. I wish I could say it was half as amazing as the smoothies. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t a very exciting dish. No big deal. The Thai wok cost us 28 pesos ($7.35 USD).

bBlue Menu

bBlue Menu - Click to enlarge

Entering an unknown restaurant in Buenos Aires can be an intimidating experience. We know very little Spanish, which makes it difficult to understand menus and explain all of the things we can’t eat. Thankfully, bBlue has an English version of their menu.



If you’re wondering around the Palermo Soho area on a hot day, bBlue is definitely worth checking out. While the Thai wok was the only dish that was obviously vegan, their menu focuses on healthy dishes made with quality, fresh ingredients. There are several salads and at least one sandwich that look like they could easily be veganized. It certainly never hurts to ask.

bBlue bread basket

Bread basket at bBlue

Armenia 1692
Palermo Soho
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Open daily 8:30 – 21:30