This guest post is by Marie from the Candy Penny blog. In 2010, Marie traveled extensively through Mexico and found many vegan options. This post is a summary of some of her favourite meals. To read more about Marie’s travels, visit Candy Penny.

1.The Unique Find: Fonda Antigua, Guanajuato, Mexico


Sopes Topped w/ Beans, Carrot, Mushroom Gravy, & Salsa. Served w/ Rice & Beans

There is nothing better than finding a restaurant without the help of the internet or guide book. Fonda Antigua in Guanajuat is a charming antique designed cafe that offers a daily vegetarian meal. The menu del dia includes an agua fresca, salad, soup, basket of fresh tortillas, main dish, and small dessert for around $5.00 USD. The warm staff ensured my meal was veganized and served up everything with a side of TLC.

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Fonda Antigua
Campenero 15, 2nd Floor
Guanajuato, Mexico

2. The Go-To Restaurant: Vegetarian Yug, Mexico City, Mexico


Molletes Toluquenos: Baguette w/ Black Beans, Soy Chorizo, Pico de Gallo & Avocado

Located near the Paseo de la Reforma, Vegetarian Yug is a spacious restaurant that attracts a business minded crowd. I would especially recommend the daily lunch buffet for an overwhelming set of choices.Vegetarian Yug is proof that for almost 50 years, a meatless restaurant can thrive in the Mexico’s capital.

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Vegetarian Yug

Varsovia 3-b
Col. Juarez
México D.F.
Tel: 55 25 53 30 and 55 33 32 96

3. The Old Standby: 100% Natural, Multiple Locations


Tofusio: Fresh Corn Tortilla Filled w/ Scrambled Tofu, Served w/ Salad.

With locations in twelve of Mexico’s states, you can always count on 100% Natural for a good meal. The prices are a little higher, but worth it to dine in their tropical themed locations (often in beach towns). Not 100% vegetarian, but many options.

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100% Natural
For location information, visit:

4. The Cultural Gem: Chocolate Row, Oaxaca, Mexico


Oaxacan Hot Chocolate

The best part about Mexican chocolate is that it’s often vegan by default. The amazing Calle Mina, also know as Chocolate Row, is an historic street in Oaxaca lined with chocolate vendors. It smells of freshly ground cacao beans, cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla. You can purchase the freshly ground chunks, mole (double check ingredients for milk products), and packaged chocolate on this strip. Of course, nothing beats real hot chocolate made con agua.

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Chocolate Row/Calle Mina
Oaxaca, Mexico